Content Marketing Services

Content Marketing Services

Crafting Captivating Content

Good Content is what can allure the people. With words you can compel any person towards you. Words are the best embellishments that you can use to add value to what you are doing, sell yourself, your products and services and lead the path of business success for yourself. Content Marketing is associated with solving this very purpose for you.

Content Marketing refers to creating engaging content that meets the interests of your target audience and marketing such content strategically over various platforms to attract that audience and sell your products and services in a manner that will scale the business, increase profitability of the organization, and drive more traffic to your website. It focuses on adding value and getting content customers with the help of valuable content. 

Why Content Marketing?

Choose your words carefully, be even more careful while delivering them, and with the perfect balance, you can enchant anyone with what you speak. This is the power that words possess. So, with good content, you can keep anyone content. That goes for your business too. Content marketing helps you present your products and services to your target audience in an alluring way, customers are able to build a trust reading your content and take your products and services with a higher satisfaction, and you in turn benefit by higher website traffic, higher scalability, higher profitability, and business success.

Our Content Marketing Services

Content Planning

We begin with a clear strategy whereby we chalk a comprehensive plan on what content is to be created, how will it be created, what is the target audience, what does the audience need, how to provide that, and where to provide that.

Content Creation

Once we get the idea of the needs and requirements, we begin with creating quality content which is completely unique and SEO optimized, meets the interests and needs of the audience you are targeting and appeals to them.

Content Distribution

Content Marketing starts at content creation. Your content does not give value to you unless it is on platforms from where it can reach out to the public. We make your content live on reputed platforms through which you can generate backlinks for your website and drive more traffic to it.

Content Reporting

We create and provide you a detailed report on how our content marketing function is working out and performing for you giving you an insight into the site’s traffic, time-on-site for every user, and other things.

Why Zehntech?

We have a well-built team of expert and experienced content writers, editors, and digital marketers who focus on delivering the most enthralling content and market it, following the best practices. We make sure that the content is unique and SEO friendly to meet your expectations and requirements. The strategy we follow is tailor-made and customized as per your specifications and needs so that you get exactly what you want.


Content Marketing FAQs


Your content creation must be very engaging and highly relatable to your business and target audience if you are planning to use it for content marketing. It should be catchy and unique, fixing its focus on SEO so that it may rank and serve the basic purpose of bringing more traffic to the website.

The length of the content totally depends on the type of content. There are many processes you can do such as blog writing, article writing, guest posting, business listing, etc., and the length of the content varies from anywhere between 100-1000 or more words depending on the process you are doing for content marketing.

This too depends on the level of SEO and marketing you want to do. However, it is recommended that you post at least one content weekly.

Unleash the Power of Content Marketing to Build Business?

Content Marketing is a powerfull marketing tool to attract target audience to your business. Let’s discuss how we can leverage the power of content marketing for your business.

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