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Create a One to One Communication With Your Customers!

We have a team of experienced Email marketing experts, who are happy to help you in sending and generating leads through Emails.

    Get a Reach With Personalized Communications

    Positive and ongoing communications are the best way to keep your audience engaged. And in this digital world, where everyone is online all the time, the best way for making communications is social channels. And emails still remain to be the best channel for this.

    Most business people prefer to have their communications over mails and they can be used as an effective means to carry out an effective marketing campaign to engage prospective clients by offering them attractive deals and convert them to your customers. You can also keep your existing customers engaged by continuously offering them something new to take from you. All you need is to make the right email delivered to the right inbox at the right time, and there you shall grow with faster lead conversions.

    Why Email Marketing?

    Most people use emails for their communications, especially the business and professional communications and they check their mails regularly. So, you get a chance to stay closer to your prospective customers by staying connected to them via mails. Also, you can keep your mails personalized for your audience making sure that you get a click and your mail is opened by the user. With high click through rates and effectively driving traffic to your website, you can get high return on investments by running an email marketing campaign.

    Our Services

    We offer every email marketing service you need, from planning your email marketing campaign to implementing and running it successfully, we have got it all covered.

    Strategy Planning

    You need to have set goals to get a direction into which you need to work. We start by developing a proper email marketing strategy for you, identifying your target audience and gathering other relevant data to fit your marketing requirements.

    Email Template Designing

    Your email needs to be attractive to be clicked upon. We design such attractive emails right from their content to design and other aspects to ensure that your mails get clicks and your target audience engages better with your message and converts.

    Marketing Campaign

    Right from building your email list and growing it to sending deliverable emails with excellent content and design to prospective customers, we carry out a successful email marketing campaign for you that helps you scale and increase your profitability.

    Tracking and Reporting

    We constantly monitor your campaign and report to you on its success with insights on number of clicks received on your mails, who clicked through your mails, conversion rate, etc. With the help of these insights we also help you plan on how to take the campaign further.

    Why Zehntech

    Emails were the first method that was introduced to make communications online across the world and they have been used an effective means of general communication ever since. But apart from the general communications, you can effectively leverage them for business communications to scale your business and grow your customer base. We have expert professionals who can help you with this. Our team is highly experienced possessing deep knowledge of many email marketing tactics and they have the know how to use those strategies for you in the best ways possible. With Zehntech, you can be sure to run a good, successful email marketing campaign that scales.


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    Email Marketing FAQs

    You must start with establishing your purpose and goals for carrying out the campaign. A proper planning is crucial for the success of the campaign. Once you have planned for the campaign, the next step is to choose out a good software to build your email list and start sending out captivating emails with well-designed templates and catchy subjects and monitor how your campaign is performing.
    While all this seems easy, it can be very overwhelming. So, before you begin with any of these steps, it is best for you to hire the services of an expert professional who can help you out with the smooth and successful running of your email marketing campaign.

    There are many software that you can use for your campaign. It depends on how much you are willing to pay towards the software. You can also use them for free, but you can get more functionalities with premium services. Mailchimp, Send In Blue, Constant Contact, Get Response are a few software to name which you can use for carrying out your campaign.

    There are many ways you can create your email list. Remarkable content with a personalized call to action, creating pop ups for your website, surveys, etc., are some ways you can use to build an effective email list. Getting customers is a difficult task and converting your leads can be a daunting process. We have got you covered and we can help you develop an effective email list right from scratch.

    Generate More Business With Email Marketing

    In today’s age Email Marketing is one important marketing tool to reach business’s target audience. Our marketing experts are here to help you with result oriented email marketing campaigns. Let’s Discuss

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