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    Getting Your Websites to Rank Higher

    You create your website to have a web presence and reach out to a higher number of people. But where does your website rank among the billions of searches that search engines produce? If your website is anywhere beyond the first page of the search results, then having a web presence will hardly benefit you because it won’t be visible. You can save the situation with competent search engine optimization.

    Search engine optimization remains at the core for every website. With efficient search engine optimization, both on-page as well as off-page, you can ensure that your website is ready to appear at the top of the search engine results. Search Engine Optimization is the extra push that your website needs to serve its purpose to you.

    Why Search Engine Optimization?

    Search engine optimization is not just about ranking over the search engines. It has a lot more to it in enhancing the functionality of your website and offering the users some great experiences from your website. When you have a good SEO over your website, the customers are able to easily get what they want, you get more leads and they convert. You have a higher website traffic and with that you can be assured that you have established your brand. With all this you can make sure that you always stay ahead of the competition.

    SEO Services

    Our SEO Services are sure to help you attain higher rankings, appear at top of the search engines and generate more website traffic.

    Keyword Research

    Basing your website on what your customers are most likely to search for will give you a competitive advantage in generating website traffic. And for this, you need to get an insight into the consumers’ mind and thinking. We help you get this insight by finding out effective, most used keywords and generating an extensive keyword research report for you.

    Competitive Analysis

    Keeping a close watch on your competitors’ strategy is important to identify the strengths and weaknesses and grab the opportunities quicker and faster. We make a competitive analysis and competitor research to get an insight into what keywords your competitor is using and how you can compete on that to use those keywords to your benefit, growth, and success.

    Technical SEO

    The technical aspects of the website play a key role in maintaining a proper website structure. We perform a complete technical SEO and check your website for broken links, error status, accurate URL structure, etc., and fix any problems which may be encountered in the process to ensure that your website functions smoothly.

    Link Building

    Having backlinks from sites which are established and have high domain authority are a proven way to derive traffic to your website. We offer this link building for your website and build your internal linking profile by performing processes such as article submission, guest posting, etc., and add importance to the keywords on your page, listed over the search engines.

    Why Zehntech?

    Competitive keywords, high competition, page rankings, link building, website traffic, we have got it all covered. Our team of digital marketing specialists work their best in getting your sites and pages to the top rankings and we do it following the best practices that give results in the form of high traffic over your website leading to scalability, higher productivity, and business success. 


    Are you looking for the best SEO Services?

    Zehntech Technologies can you help you to generate organic traffic, leads to your business and also create branding over Digital Platforms. Let’s discuss the search engine optimization opportunities for your business.

    Search Engine Optimization FAQs

    SEO aims at giving a visibility to your web presence. It works by generating keywords and making your website rank on search engines through those keywords so that you get enhanced traffic over your website along with providing your users a rich experience.
    The cost you may incur for your website SEO usually depends on your expectations. If your website is new and needs to establish brand presence and you keep high expectations, it is likely that SEO will be expensive for you. The average cost can range between $8 to $15 per hour.
    Some strategies that you can use to enhance your site’s SEO are
    1. Write SEO optimized content.
    2. Enhance the user experience on your site.
    3. Improve the speed of pages.
    4. Focus on keeping just the quality links over your website.

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