Magento CRM Integration Services

Customers are one of the most valued assets for any e-commerce business. So, it is vital to keep giving them good experiences so that they remain satisfied and keep up their loyalty with your store. And you can ensure this delivering of good user experiences with a good and functional CRM system installed within your organizational setting. And with a robust integration of your CRM system with your Magento e-store, you can achieve unimaginable benefits that help your store a long way.

Integrate CRM System With Your Magento Platform!

We have a team of experienced Magento experts, who are happy to help you in CRM Integration.

    Better The Experiences For Your Customers

    Most traditional businesses have come online on to ecommerce platforms today to have a better reach for their business. But it is not just the online presence that can help you scale. Your most important assets are your customers which you get by converting your visitors. So, you have to be in the continuous process of retaining your existing customers and attracting the new ones. And this is possible when you give your visitors good experiences over your site and maintain strong relationship with them. And only a dedicated CRM system can help you with that.
    However, managing a standalone CRM along with managing your online store can become a hectic task for you. But with Magento CRM Integration, you can ease out the job, having all your customer data and customer management over your Magento store, thereby leveraging the combined benefits of both the platforms.

    Benefits of Magento CRM Integration

    With an integration, you can have for yourself an opportunity to increase your profitability by creating a strong system which serves your users additional benefits with the combined power of your E-store and CRM system.

    Efficient Data Management

    With CRM integration, you have your data synced with your Magento store which helps you manage your data through multiple channels. This way you can efficiently handle your data and have better customer interactions by having all the customer information managed well.

    Enhanced Customer Experience

    Due to integration of your store with your CRM system, you are able to provide your customers with real time information which helps them with their purchase decisions. You also can interact more closely with your customers thus building better relationships with them. All this provides good user experiences which work well for maintaining your customers and getting new ones on board.

    Increased Sales

    When you deliver great customer experiences, it leads to better customer engagements. Your conversion rates go up and you benefit by increased sales which improves the profitability of your store.

    Our Services

    We offer Magento integration with any CRM software you want and provide you with features that streamline all your functions.

    Magento Salesforce Integration

    Salesforce, a cloud-based CRM solution is one of the best CRM solutions that gives you all you need. Being cloud-based, you are free from bearing the set-up and installation costs and with its integration with your Magento store, you can leverage it to streamline all your processes be it sales, marketing, or customer management and substantially scale.

    Magento Zoho Integration

    Zoho, a highly customer centric CRM that helps you identify trends, monitor customer behavior, and grab opportunities to attract and retain customers. By integrating this software with your Magento store, you can markedly improve and enhance your relationship with your customers and end up with happy and satisfied customers who boost your sales.

    Magento SugarCRM Integration

    SugarCRM, the biggest open source CRM system is a complete customer relationship management solution for you. With its amazing abilities to help manage sales and other important data, you can easily integrate this CRM with your Magento store to sync both the systems and transform your visitors into customers by maintaining great relations with them.

    Magento Agile CRM Integration

    If you have a small business, this CRM integration can work to your greatest benefits. Having your Magento store integrated with AgileCRM can provide you with features such as email automation, project management, calling integration, etc., which can essentially help you manage your business efficiently and take it to a whole new level.

    Why Zehntech?

    We have an efficient team of Magento experts who skillfully perform the integration function taking care of all the aspects it encompasses and provide you with a complete integration fulfilling all your needs and requirements. We also stand by you every step of the way and manage and fix any problem or bug that you may encounter during the process or even after the completion of the integration. We have all the skills that you are looking out for in your Magento Integration Expert to carry out your Magento CRM integration with effectiveness and efficiency that will help you achieve maximum benefits for your business.

    Integrate Different CRMs With Magento!

    Our Magento Experts help you in to integrate CRMs like Salesforce, Zoho, Suger CRM, Agile CRM etc in the Magento Platform. Let’s discuss which CRM is the best way to enhance your customer relationship.


    There are many CRM software you can integrate with such as Salesforce, Zoho, SugarCRM, Agile CRM, and many more. We provide integration with any CRM you want.
    This totally depends on the size of your business and your business needs. You can have a discussion with us, we would evaluate your store, understand your requirements and suggest you the option that is most suitable for you.
    The time will depend on size of your store and CRM system. We also want to incorporate all your requirements in the integrated system, so we will have to evaluate your store, understand your requirements and then we can come down to an estimated time frame.
    This again depends on your needs, requirements and size of your store and business. We can settle down to an estimated amount upon a discussion and evaluation of your store.

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