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Magento Epicor Integration

Epicor brings ease for the e-commerce companies, by integrating business’s e-store with Epicor ERP to manage daily business functions, you can achieve increased productivity and scalability for your operations. Let’s Explore the Epicor Integration Opportunity for your e-store​.

Let's Integrate Magento With Epicor

We have a team of experienced Magento and Epicor experts, who are happy to help you in Integration

    Sync Your Online Store and ERP System​

    In this business environment, where e-commerce business has become highly competitive, you need to always be at the core of it to maintain your competitive edge. You need to have a proper channel which connects your systems to each other, thereby syncing different functions and ensuring a smooth flow of operations. Magento Epicor Integration does just that.

    Epicor is particularly designed to provide solutions for retail and distribution, and you can gain extensively by integrating it with your e-commerce platform. With its amazing tools designed to streamline processes such as inventory management and data handling, you can have all your products, categories, orders, shipping details, customers, billing information, etc., synchronized and improve and scale your operations by efficiently handling errors and mitigating risks.

    Features of Magento Epicor Integration

    With Magento Epicor Integration, you get an easy working channel for all your operations by syncing different functions between the online platform and ERP system.

    Customer Management

    Taking customer data from one platform and entering it manually over the other can be a hectic task, especially for large businesses. Magento Epicor Integration eases out the process by syncing the customer data and automating the process by updating the data over the ERP system when the customers fill out their profile over the Magento platform, or updating the data in Magento platform when it is filled out in the ERP system.

    Product Management

    You need to keep proper, well-maintained records for the different products on your store, their availability or otherwise, etc., and with separate systems for ERP and online store, you will have to perform the function manually. Magento Epicor Integration brings the ERP system and online platform together and you can easily sync your product management function thereby getting done away with the need for manual syncing of product information.

    Order Management

    The customers want to stay assured about their orders and keep viewing the order status from time to time, and the business owners want to keep proper details of every order to make efficient deliveries and provide proper after services. With Magento Epicor Integration, the order details are synced and available on both ERP as well as Magento platform, making the complete order history available and providing timely notifications about the order status.

    Pricing Management

    Pricing data is important to be managed to ensure smooth transactions. With Magento Epicor Integration, you can efficiently sync functions such as shipment, customer returns, taxation, etc., and manage the pricing information by easily calculating rates through products listing page and product details and provide easy checkout options to your customers.

    Benefits of Magento Epicor Integration

    It can pose as a big challenge to manage your Magento platform and ERP system separately. But as soon as you bring them together with integration, you eliminate that challenge and benefit in terms of reduced costs, saved time, and managed risks.

    Data Synchronization

    Integration syncs all your data relating to customers, products, inventory, orders, and pricing, which ensures that all the data on both the systems is similar and consistent. The data also gets regularly updated and changes in one system reflects those in the other automatically thus saving the need to make manual updates.

    Automated Functions

    The operations are synced together which automates the processes such as data entry thus saving time. Automated functions also eliminate the chances of human errors which are almost sure to happen with manual entry of data and thus you get accuracy in your operations. The operations are also performed with a quicker pace thus reducing your time to market.

    Customer Satisfaction

    Integration of Magento store with Epicor ERP smoothens your operations thus providing easy checkouts to the customers. It also becomes easy for the customers to update their profile, view order status, and track shipments. All this delivers great user experience to the customers and keep them satisfied thus generating more business for your e-commerce platform.

    Why Zehntech?

    Integrating two different software with each other requires in-depth planning and precise implementation and we have just the strategy you need. Zehntech has an experienced team of experts who are well-versed with every aspect that needs to be checked while performing the integration and they carry out the complete process by following the best practices. We can simply be the perfect team that you are looking out for to carry out the Magento Epicor Integration for you.


    Want to Integrate Magento With Epicor?

    Optimize your Magento e-commerce store daily operations with Epicor. Integrate Epicor ERP system with Magento and manage the operation with an ease. Let’s discuss the scope with our Magento and Epicor experts.

    Epicor Integration With Magento FAQs

    There are a lot of things that the integration takes into its fold. It depends on your needs and business requirements as to how much time it will take to integrate both the software with each other. Depending on the extent up to which you want integration, it can take between a few months to a year to complete the integration.
    This will again depend on your business requirements. You may want a complete or a partial integration and the costs will vary accordingly. We have different packages that you can choose from to meet your requirements.
    Yes, the integration does not affect the normal running of the software. The integration is performed to boost the functionalities by syncing the operations between the platform and the ERP system. If one of them is down, only the operations will not be synced till the time the system is down. However, once the system is working again, the data that had not been synced will get synced automatically.

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