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Boost the Performance of Your E-Commerce Store Through Magento Integration

Good Shopping Experiences form the core for the success of an e-commerce website.

Create the best experiences for the users by boosting the performance of Magento store through integration with third-party applications, ERP, CRM, CMS, and other APIs with Zehntech’s Magento Integration Services.

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    Equipping Online Stores for Higher Efficiencies

    With the trend towards online shopping taking a boom and growing demand of customers for more options, variety, and choices, it has become vital for e-commerce businesses to come with the most functional and exceptional user experiences on their e-commerce stores.  

    Magento is an open source platform with the most advanced features and functionalities to serve the best capabilities to e-commerce businesses. Furthermore, with the use of Magento integrations, businesses can boost the capabilities that it can serve by syncing the enterprise ERP and CRM systems and other APIs, as well as bringing the capabilities of other CMS to Magento. 

    These integrations are best performed at the hands of expert and certified Magento developers and professionals who you can find at Zehntech. With Magento Integration Services at Zehntech, you get an e-commerce store with functionalities that scale. 

    Magento Integration Services

    Our exemplary Magento Integration Services bring the best capabilities in your Magento e-commerce store with enhanced features and functionalities and increased sales and profitability.

    ERP Integration

    Combine and sync the ecommerce business processes in one place to get a better hold on the sales reports and analytics and other organizational operations with Magento ERP Integration Services. 

    Magento CRM Integration

    Automate the management and processing of customer data, orders, and sales process and increase the sales with enhanced user experiences with Magento CRM Integration.

    Magento CMS Integration

    Bring capabilities such as blog, directory, forum, etc., over your online store for better functionalities by integrating it with other CMS such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.

    Marketing Tools Integration

    Enhance the SEO and Marketing of online store and generate higher traffic over it for increased conversions and sales with integration of robust Marketing tools offered by Magento.

    Payment Gateway Integration

    Make the checkout processes and transactions faster, safer, more convenient, and more secure with integration of payment gateway such as PayPal, Skrill, Stripe, etc., over Magento.

    Order Management Integration

    Automate the processing and management of orders so as to handle them more efficiently and with a faster pace with integration of various order management systems over your Magento platform.

    Why Magento Integration?

    Magento Integration brings in benefits and capabilities to your online store that can scale your e-commerce business and lead to higher efficiencies and profitability. 

    1. Enhanced User Experiences 
      Magento Integration help create a better user interface and bring higher capabilities to the store which serve for enhanced user experiences. 

    2. Syncs Organizational Systems 
      With ERP and CRM integration, organizational processes and systems get synced together which support easier and better operations. 

    3. Builds Omnichannel Capabilities 
      Through Magento Integration, businesses can link their stores to their social media channels as well and achieve omnichannel capabilities for higher reach. 

    4. Easier Checkout 
      With better and easier payment options integrated in Magento stores through Magento integration, the checkout processes become easier and more convenient. 

    Our Magento Integration Process

    We follow a comprehensive, step by step approach to take you through a smooth and seamless Magento Integration.

    Consultation & Discussion

    We discuss with you your need for Magento integration and what platform will be best suited to meet your integration need. On basis of the discussions, our experts provide consultations and advice on the best ways to carry out the Magento integration to meet your specific organizational goals and objectives.

    Planning & Execution

    Based on the consultations agreed upon by you, our experts plan the integration to be carried out for your online store by lining up the best industry practices, techniques, and methodologies, and setting the most feasible and practical timelines. 

    Project Delivery

    Our experts remain dedicated to the set timelines and deliver the project within them after thorough testing and launch the product only after your due approval to it. 

    Why Zehntech?

    At Zehntech, we leverage the capabilities of experienced, expert, and certified Magento professionals to provide the most functional Magento Integrations for your online store. 

    Experienced and Certified Professionals

    We have experienced and certified Magento developers who hold expertise in carrying out Magento integration.

    Dedicated Project Manager

    We provide you a dedicated project manager who is available 24/7 to attend to all your queries and concerns related to the project.

    On-time Delivery

    We work dedicatedly under strict timelines and deliver your project well within the set time schedules as per your requirements and expectations.

    Best Industry Practices

    We follow the best industry practices in carrying out the integration to help you leverage full capabilities of the platform.

    End to End Support

    Support Services after integration to help you with any issues facing the integration or other related processes over your Magento platform. 

    Magento Integration Services FAQs


    The timeline depends on the type and extent of integration required. We follow a comprehensive and step by step procedure wherein we discuss your integration needs and requirements with you and set a detailed timeline for each integration procedure involved. 

    The cost depends on the type of integration that you seek. We have several packages designed to affordably meet different Magento integration needs. You can choose from these packages. You may also discuss your needs and requirements with our experts and they can design a custom package based on your specific requirements.

    There are many ERP available that you can use to manage your organizational operations and with Magento ERP integration, the operations get synced and become better. The best for you is to integrate the ERP that is in use within your organization. But if you are considering to start everything from scratch, we suggest that you go for Magento Epicor Integration as Epicor is the best ERP available to manage the enterprise resources and operations. 

    There are many CRM such as Zoho, SugarCRM, Salesforce, Agile CRM, etc., with which you can integrate your Magento e-commerce store for better management of customer data and order processing. The choice you make totally depends on the size of your business and the functionalities you seek in the CRM. 

    Adding a blog to your online store is a good strategy for SEO and can go a long way in bringing higher traffic and greater conversions. However, Magento does not have an in-built blog functionality which makes it difficult to add a blog to an online store over Magento. However, Magento integration offers this capability. You can easily integrate other content management system to your Magento store to add a blog, directory, or forum to Magento store. 
    WordPress is the best blogging platform in the marketplace and with Magento WordPress Integration it will be a breeze to have a functional blog over your Magento e-commerce website. 

    Magento Integration Services

    If you want to enhance the capability of  your E-commerce Magento platform then you can try our Magento Integration Services.

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