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Magento Migration Services

Magento stands out to be the most functional and most popular CMS platform for building up ecommerce stores. And if you are an ecommerce vendor having your online store on any other platform, then migrating it to Magento is something you must consider.

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    Achieve Scalability, Flexibility and Performance with Magento

    Ecommerce business is on the hype today and so is Magento. Most businesses have their online stores over the Magento platform, and those who do not have are set on the journey to take it here and run their ecommerce business through the powerful Magento platform which hosts a number of features and functionalities giving you a strong, customizable website which helps you scale.

    Magento Migration Services

    Magento migration encompasses many aspects and requires the expertise of a professional. If you are looking out for someone to help you out with the migration process, we are there to serve you in every manner.
    The best thing with Magento is it keeps getting better with new updates and versions. But to enjoy and benefit from those updates and versions, you need to upgrade to them. Get your Magento store upgraded to latest Magento 2.3 version and benefit from every new update and release that Magento offers you.
    You may have your website on platforms such as Shopify, Prestashop, WooCommerce, etc. We can help you take those websites to Magento with zero data loss and zero downtime so that you get additional features and functionalities with high customization ability and flexibility and achieve business growth.
    Running your ecommerce business over Magento 1 can make you miss out on some great features and functionalities that are available over Magento 2 platform. Make the most of the benefits offered by Magento by migrating your Magento 1 store to Magento 2 platform. Also, the announcement by Magento corporation of pulling back of support for Magento 1 makes this migration inevitable for your business.

    Migrating Your Data

    Your site contains a huge amount of data and you need it safe and protected all the time. So, when you take your site from any other platform to Magento, or migrate from an older version to a newer one, or simply upgrade your website, you need to be ready with all your data so that it can easily be migrated leading to no data loss.

    Product and Product Categories

    You can migrate the data relating to your Products and Product Categories such as the product and category name, description, images, prices, and meta tags. You can also migrate details like availability of the product and other related products or products bought along with that product.  

    Order, Manufacturer, and Customer Details

    You might also keep receiving orders during migration and may have existing orders before migration and you cannot afford to miss out on any such orders. You can easily migrate all your order details such as the date of the order, its status, products included in the order, invoice, customer’s name, address, and contact, shipment details, etc. You can also migrate your manufacturer and customer data including their names, addresses, contact details, emails, and other relevant information.

    Other Relevant Data

    You can also have other things migrated such as the taxation details like tax rates, class, and applicable provisions and rules. You can keep your reviews just like they were on your existing store including the date they were created and the ratings. You also might introduce coupons to provide discounts and offers to your customers. These coupons can also be migrated with coupon details like coupon name, code, terms, validity, etc.
    And all this data migration can be done for multistore in multiple languages.
    With this extensive and robust data migration, you can be sure that all your site data is safe, up, and running. And that you have your site just as ready as ever to perform after the migration, without any wait or downtime.

    Other Options That We Recommend For Migration

    Like we mentioned, Magento migration encompasses many aspects, and you need to cover all of them. Here are some more things that we strongly recommend should be done before migration.

    Clearing Data on Target Store
    Preserving Order Ids, Product Ids, and Customer Ids
    Your target store may contain data that you don’t require. It can be any data, data relating to your products, etc., or test data. And removing such data manually from your store would be time consuming. You can have that data automatically cleared before migration, so that you may not kill any time with removal of unwanted data.
    You need to have access to your order ids, product ids, and customer ids in order to efficiently manage your orders, products, and customers. But when you migrate, the passwords may no longer stay valid leading to difficulties in logging in to the store. With this option you can preserve all those ids by easily migrating the passwords so that none of your operations are affected.
    Maintaining SEO URLs
    Performing SEO for a website requires time and efforts and it takes a lot to make your website rank and maintain that. You surely do not want to lose those rankings due to migration, and you won’t. Keep all your SEO URLs and SEO rankings intact even after migration with simple plugins. You can also create 301 redirects to redirect all your existing URLs to the new ones on the target store, so that you do not lose any traffic of your website upon migration.

    Additional Features

    We have some more features which will make the migration easier and smoother for you.


    You need not keep monitoring your migration or stay online all the time till the migration is completed. The process is automated as soon as the migration is triggered and then it continues in the background leaving you free to perform your other jobs. You get a notification once the migration is done with.


    You may want to migrate all your data or just some of it. Whatever be your requirements, you got it. There are features with which you can select the data, and data type that you want to migrate, you can simply leave out the rest of the data that you do not need over your target store.


    You may encounter problems with migration, and it is a bigger issue fixing each issue one after the other. You can go for a complete remigration in such a case. You may also have recent and new data on the source store which might have not got migrated at the time if initial migration. With remigration, you can ensure that all this recent data is seamlessly migrated to the target store.

    Why Zehntech?

    We offer you seamless, smooth, and easy migration with the most amazing features and benefits.

    Want to Migrate Website to Magento?

    Migrate any website to Magento or Upgrade Magento Version we are here to help you with Magento Migration Services.

    Magento Migration Services FAQs

    Migration is a lengthy process and it takes time. It can be a several weeks before your store gets completely migrated as per your requirements. However, this does not affect your regular operations and functions. The migration takes place in background and your store still remains functional and working even while the migration process is running.
    The cost totally depends on the type of migration services you require and the extent to which the migration has to be performed. You can get in touch with our team which will have an initial discussion with you, evaluate your needs and requirements and tell you the exact cost.
    Your technical knowledge has less to do with the migration process. We have technical experts and professionals who perfectly know how to carry out the migration. You only need to sit back and wait for the better features and functionalities to come to you. So, the process will not be any difficult for you even if you are not a technical expert because you need not perform it.
    Yes, you can easily have migration from and to Magento platform with multiple language support.

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