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Magento Support and Maintenance Services

Hire Us for Magento Support & Maintenance Services!

We are here to maintain your Magento Platform Up and Running With Our Magento Support and Maintenance Services

    Getting your e-commerce store to Magento platform is one thing and to maintain that store over the platform to keep getting website traffic, conversions, and sale is another thing. A Magento powered store requires a complete support and maintenance for you to reap its benefits. And you can get those support and maintenance services with us. A complete package that makes sure that your Magento store is up, running, and optimized all the time.

    Support That Keeps You Focused and Growing​

    A Magento store can be the cornerstone in building up the base for growing your ecommerce business. With an e-store on Magento, you get everything you need to manage your online business. But the store requires proper maintenance, or it may not run as expected. But this can shift your focus from the business activities such as planning, strategizing, etc., which are much more important. So, what you need is someone who can do the support and maintenance work for you so that you keep performing the other critical functions that drive growth. And you can totally rely on us to provide you these support and maintenance services you need.

    Our Services

    With our range of Magento Support and Maintenance Services, you can be sure of running your website to its optimum abilities.

    Security Maintenance

    Security is a very critical aspect for online stores and Magento is extremely efficient in taking care of that. Magento is a highly secure platform, and it keeps releasing various security patches that can make your website more secure. We keep a continuous check on all these security patches and install them on your store so that you do not miss out on any part of security of your store.

    Ongoing Upgrades

    Magento keeps releasing updates through new versions that provide you with better features and functionalities. But to enjoy these features and functionalities, you need to upgrade to the newer version. We keep a check on such updates and upgrade your stores for those updates as soon as they come so that you do not miss out on any new feature offered by Magento to help you scale.

    Performance Monitoring

    We perform regular audits and monitor your website for SEO, page speed, and other things to ensure that your website is performing well with good search engine rankings, high traffic, and faster conversions. We also generate daily reports on basis of our performance monitoring and work on areas of improvement, fixing any bugs and issues and keeping your website at high performance all the time.

    Why Do You Need Magento Support and Maintenance?

    With proper support and maintenance, you can achieve significant benefits for your store and leverage the most out of the powerful Magento platform without spending much of your time on it.

    Faster Loading Time

    People tend to leave your site if it takes too long to load, thus increasing your bounce rates. With proper support and maintenance, you can ensure that your site has fast page loading time which lead to conversions and higher sales.

    Easy Processes, Fewer Errors

    With proper support and maintenance, you can ensure that the processes on your store such as checkout and transactions, etc., are easy and people do not find difficulty with that. You can also keep checking for bugs and errors and fix them to continue providing your users great experiences.

    Higher Revenues

    With ongoing support and maintenance over your website, you keep getting regular reports on the performance of your store and you can take actions to keep improving that performance. And all this is done by your dedicated support partner meaning you can keep your focus over your daily activities. And with daily performance enhancement and a dedicated focus, you are sure to make high revenues.

    Why Zehntech?

    With us you get a dedicated team of experts who efficiently take care of your complete store looking into and managing every important aspect of it thus keeping you free from the hustle to manage and maintain your store. With us supporting your store you can undoubtedly keep your focus on performing your business activities and other important and strategic functions. We partner with you in the best ways that help you leverage the most from your store and get high profits by providing excellent user experience which converts.


    We Keep the Magento Platforms Up and Running!

    Are you having e-commerce business website built in Magento? We are here to keep the website up and running to save you from business loss

    Magento Support and Maintenance Services FAQs

    The cost totally depends on the size of your store. We have various packages which fit your needs and requirements. We would suggest you the best for you after a review and evaluation of your store.
    We begin with getting an understanding of the client’s needs and requirements, for which we have a detailed discussion with the client. After the discussion, we evaluate your store and chalk out a proper plan for support and maintenance as per our observations along with keeping in mind what you are seeking.

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