Planner Board – SharePoint Webpart Development

Planner Board s as the name suggests provides a visual, intuitive interface to execute tactical planning which involves systematizing complex projects, work plans, and events resulting in a continuous tracking of work with a chart view. This planner is designed to enhance your work effectiveness by gaining insights based on the monitored view of the […]

Infographer – Sharepoint Webpart Development

Provide a visually attractive and self-explanatory view of your data with Infographer. It allows you to easily add visually dynamic charts and graphs to your SharePoint sites. One does not need to learn coding or BI tools for these chart creation and other edits in fewer steps you can create charts from your SharePoint data […]

Portfolio Manager – Sharepoint Webpart Development

Project-Management-Central is a privilege for organizations to oversee progress, ultimately empowering them with prescience using SharePoint Project Tracker. This tool intuitively unifies the project calendars, tasks, lists, milestones, and documents. The data is protected with a high level of security due to the restricted access making it available only to the people concerned. With an […]

Knowledge Hub – Sharepoint WebPart Development

Knowledge Hub is an exceptionally designed Sharepoint Webpart a knowledge management system that enables the organization to streamline the articles created and authorizes the concerned person to edit, publish or save the article for future use. The Web Part empowers businesses to foresee growth based on the insights available through the Knowledge Hub. The system […]

Calendarize – Sharepoint Webpart Development

Calendarize is notably designed powerful Web Part to efficiently surveil and govern data from multiple office calendars and task lists in one central Web Part. It grants the privilege to view, create, and manage data to streamline the workflow from the central authority.