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Planner Board s as the name suggests provides a visual, intuitive interface to execute tactical planning which involves systematizing complex projects, work plans, and events resulting in a continuous tracking of work with a chart view. This planner is designed to enhance your work effectiveness by gaining insights based on the monitored view of the process adopted. The collaboration among teams becomes more perspicuous, accelerating the achievement of objectives. Performance can be measured efficiently, augmenting the growth individually and for the whole organization. Grouping and categorizing and be done seamlessly and effortlessly using bucket-based board views. Plans can be gazed at and analyzed with our preferred view, a board or the list view. The drag option allows you to smoothly make your articles move from one bucket to another. The planner encourages easy grouping by default or by user-defined dimensions, including "Progress" and "Assigned To".

Business Challenge

The client demanded a platform for the project & development process which streamlines the project plan, tracks the status, and provides a visual view of all these based on the analysis. From defining your own buckets to grouping projects the need of the hour was an exceptional board that allows task management with unique appearances and Customization Options.


We designed a solution that includes simple grouping options "Progress" and "Assigned To," as well as user-defined dimensions. The planner enabled the client to easily group by out-of-box dimensions and categorize through the Bucket-based board view. The features associated with the solution include:

1. Easy creation of a new plan whenever any new project or strategy comes in the way or selecting of an existing one as needed by the organization.
2. The items in the existing SharePoint lists are authorized to be converted into plans that can be executed and arranged visually.
3. You can add one or multiple buckets as per your need or demand of the project or as the complexity of your work plans grows.
4. These user-defined buckets make it easy to group projects, along with the various views, and the drag and drop functionality enables arranging items in buckets.

150 Days


1200 Hours

Working Hours

May 2021

Live Date

Applied Technologies

Our Role in Client Success

Planning and organizing are the two most crucial stages of initiating a project, continuing it, and accomplishing its ultimate objective. For activating a management tool that furnished the capability of streamlining the plan to assign the task to the users, the tracking, the creation of buckets, and other grouping activities we designed a perfect solution that minimized the time consumption and enhanced the final result by providing a view as demanded by the client. The client now has a better strategic planner in place to assess, distribute and monitor tasks.

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