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SharePoint Payment Status Automation Using Power automates

About Project

A United Kingdom-based sports club that operates multiple sports activities in their local area was manually managing their club members’ financial transactions using a SharePoint list. This manual process was error-prone and resulted in finance losses, as the club was unable to track payment status effectively.


To address these issues, the Zehntech team developed a Power Automate flow integrated with Stripe to automate the process of generating payment links, sending them via email, and updating payment status directly in a SharePoint list. This new process has significantly improved the club’s financial management, as it has eliminated manual errors and ensured that payment status is always up-to-date.

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5 Days

Release date

Jul 2023

Working Hours

40 Hours

Zehntech Career

Business Challenge

The sports club was manually managing their financial transactions and accounts records. This involved manually generating payment links through Stripe for each transaction, and then manually updating the payment status in a SharePoint list based on club members’ inputs. This manual process was error-prone, leading to incorrect payment status updates in the SharePoint list. This, in turn, led to inefficiencies, potential payment discrepancies, and financial leakages.


A solution was needed to streamline the entire process and ensure accurate payment status updates for each club member.

Business Solution

To resolve the above issues and to automate the processes, our team came up with an automation solution that included the following:


  • Notification on End of Subscription: We implemented email automation so that registered members receive an email notification when their subscription is about to end.
  • Payment Link Generation: The Power Automate flow triggers a payment link using the Stripe API, which is linked to the unique user ID of registered members.
  • Payment Link Email: The generated payment link is sent to the corresponding user via email, along with instructions for secure payment processing.
  • Stripe Webhook Integration: Upon successful payment, Stripe sends a notification to the Power Automate Flows using a webhook that was developed using Node technology.
  • Payment Status Update in SharePoint: Upon receiving the webhook notification, the flow updates the payment status of the member in the SharePoint list, ensuring accurate and up-to-date record

Applied Technologies

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Our Role in Client Success

Our solution has played an important role in the client’s success by providing the following benefits

  • Automation: The Power Automate flow automates the generation of payment links and updates payment statuses, reducing manual efforts and eliminating errors.
  • Accuracy: Real-time information from the Stripe webhook integration ensures precise payment status updates in the shared list.
  • Enhanced User Experience: The streamlined payment process enables users to receive payment links promptly and make payments securely, enhancing the overall experience.
  • Efficiency: The list allows the club to track payment statuses for each user, making the entire system more efficient.

By implementing this Power Automate Flows and integrating it with Stripe, the Sports Club has overcome these challenges and provided a more efficient and seamless experience to its members.

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