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Project-Management-Central is a privilege for organizations to oversee progress, ultimately empowering them with prescience using SharePoint Project Tracker. This tool intuitively unifies the project calendars, tasks, lists, milestones, and documents. The data is protected with a high level of security due to the restricted access making it available only to the people concerned. With an abridged portfolio and enhanced project management software, a greater and more intuitive SharePoint project portfolio site can be created which is capable of tracking progress visually and contains a unique dashboard for every single project. 

Business Challenge

Designing a platform competent enough to administer the project & development process in a hassle-free manner, promoting a guarded and monitored workflow with all the necessary integrations. It was arduous to execute a plan involving immense technical expertise to reach a solution that justifies the requirement and compliments it.


We modeled a custom web part that props up the creation & tracking of projects ensuring their timely successful delivery. The analysis displays the current level of projects and the deviations occurred till now alerting the people concerned to take all the necessary actions to ensure quality is delivered at pace. Though the project called for capricious updates, we tried to provide vindicate solution. The webpart was capable of:

1. Assigning SharePoint users as project/task/subtask owners to automatically give them full control of projects to create a template and manage all tasks under them

2. Each project has a home page “dashboard” that is automatically generated based on the project status.

3. Each project has a home page “dashboard” that is automatically generated based on the project status.

4. Use KPIs to keep track of risks, schedules, issues, & progress across multiple projects.

5. Display resource assignments across all projects, instantly identify concurrent assignments and assess available resources who are “on the bench” with the aggregated Gantt chart.

150 Days


1500 Hours

Working Hours

May 2021

Live Date

Applied Technologies

Our Role in Client Success

A customized solution to administer projects and resources was the one our client was looking for which emerged as an opportunity for our wizard professionals to demonstrate their expertise and execute a plan which turns out to be enormously successful. Sailing across multiple stages of the project we tried providing pragmatic solutions to our clients and retained them, which is a testament to our superior services.

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