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We have a team of experienced AR and VR experts, who are happy to help you in development.

    Delve Into a New Parallel World With AR and VR

    Reality has upgraded to a new level with advancements in technology. With the increasing specification of choices, people have started buying products, after analyzing them on a much higher scale. And the ones creating all the buzz are the most creative form of technology, AR and VR.

    With Zehntech you will experience the phase of development with ease providing your business with increased productivity, and ample amount of return. Our experts are well versed with the latest technological updates. 


    Our Offerings

    App Development

    Experts at Zehntech have immense experience in 3D model development and visualization required for AR app development. Our apps are well established and capable to detect the location, image, tracking, and other important aspects. The result is an exceptionally built flawless piece of software with rarely seen features.


    Even if your app is pre-built and needs to be deployed on any particular platform with ease your best solution will be Zehntech. We have deployed 10+ applications on stores without any glitches or future upcoming errors.

    Maintenance and Support

    Being an expert AR/VR development company Zehntech takes the pride in providing support to the clients in order to ensure that there is no confusion in the working of the app and that our client archives the desired results from the software.

    Integration With Existing Apps

    Zehntech has successfully integrated features of AR/VR on apps built-in flutter or other platforms and thus we have experience in this field as well. With our services, you can give a new and exciting turn to your application and increase your returns.

    Cloud Services

    Zehntech has a skilled team of cloud app development services and thus we build cloud-based applications which are scalable, secure, and well versed with all the latest updates. Cloud applications built are customized taking into consideration all the needs of our clients.

    3D Development

    Our experts with creative minds will bring a chain of UI designs developed with high knowledge and special features to make your customers drop their jaws and thus increases your customer retention rates. Our designs are user-friendly and thus have multiple options.

    Vuforia Services

    We have an expert hand on Vuforia and thus based on its services we can provide special features in AR/VR. By using the database, we can integrate some customized features to give a new look to your application.

    Location-Based AR

    With the help of location-based AR technology, we have helped clients who wished to have digital objects in any particular location. This is an expert functionality and is been implemented within apps to track the geo location and add new features to it.

    We Ace the Augmented & Virtual World​​​​​​​

    Zehntech is a known AR and VR development company with an experienced team that is well trained and ready to introduce you to a different but upgraded angle to see the world. We have delivered projects which involved real estate and integration of AR/VR in other technology apps. Thus Zehntech has left an irreplaceable footprint in the AR/VR world.







    Experienced Developers

    At Zehntech you will get a team of developers who have immense experience in AR/VR technology. Our developers are smart enough to provide you with a customized solution as per your requirements.

    Multiple Platform Experience

    Our team of experts has worked on various platforms and thus we are well versed with the updated technology and its tech requirements. We are capable enough to handle multiplatform integration with ease.

    On-Time Delivery

    We have a huge client retention number which is also increasing on daily basis. The most commonly heard feedback behind the retention is the technical expertise we offer and the on-time delivery we provide to our clients.

    Proper Documentation

    Before even starting the project and in the middle of it we take care to prepare proper documentation based on the final discussion which contains all the things which need to be implemented in the project along, this leaves both the parties on the same page.

    Support & Maintenance

    Our clients are our first choice and thus we concentrate on providing them the best results. We have a team of people who are specially trained to provide the required support to the clients till and as agreed between us.

    Leverage AR/VR to Provide a Better Version of Products

    Enhanced Learning

    Educational institutions are working hard to provide the best ever experience to the students and improve their way of remembering things. Hence the right usage of this advanced technology will make students understand the most difficult topics in the easiest manner.

    Better Decision

    With AR/VR integration with products, people get a better view of products. They are now able to shop with a better decision and thus there is no need for a second opinion. Thus, without even trying the products, they know how it is going to look on them.

    Improved Marketing

    The sales and marketing department has now boomed with the AR/VR invention as they are now able to give the customers a clear view of the product inside out. This helps them in convincing the customer in a better way and influences them to buy the same.

    Increased Productivity

    With the upgrade in technology, businesses have come up with inventions involving AR/VR which leads to a decrease in manual workload and increase in automation thus ensuring increased productivity and enhanced returns as well.

    Next Level User Interaction

    With the adoption of AR/VR users have started interacting with the business and its products at an increased pace. People now take products based on the view of end results that AR/VR provides them before even buying the same.

    Time Saving Ability

    AR/VR emerged as a time-saving technology. In various industries, this proved to be true as people can now view the products before they are actually made. This ensures saving time and money as we can avoid the things which are not necessary or whose end result won’t turn out to be good.

    Industries Turning Towards AR/VR


    Physically manufacturing car parts could be an expensive task, so industry leaders like BMW and Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) have started working on VR and preparing designs to view the look of the car and make necessary changes.


    With the increased use of AR/VR health industry also found its way to provide better treatment to patients. This is used to reduce pain in adults.


    Metaverse has taken over the market and influenced the way we purchase products. VR allows users to try on clothes without actually wearing them. This makes the choice to be more specific.


    AR wearables display all the information and help to solve any problem associated with manufacturing without the need for an expert.


    Memorizing is for a period, but understanding is for life thus education with AR/VR ensures that the student gets quick and easy knowledge about any subject.


    What if you get to plan your holiday based on a view that is more like a real visit to the place. AR/VR let you be at the place without actually being present at the location.

    Real estate

    Real estate is another industry that is using AR/VR to let people know the place which is vacant in a particular building or provide a view of the building which is going to be built in the near future.

    Interior design

    This industry is based on looks and they know without placing a particular item at a place they won’t understand how it is going to look, thus interior designing is now shifting to augmented reality and giving the clients a view of their place before it is physically designed.


    Marketers need to sell anything and everything they have and with AR/VR they have got a huge opportunity to see products based on their virtual looks.


    With the emergence of 3d, 7d, and other advanced updated dimensions the entertainment industry shifted to AR/VR years ago and has expertise in the same.



    Yes, you can, this was our last project thus we have an experience in doing this. Your Flutter or any other app can seamlessly be integrated with AR features and upgraded as per your needs.

    Yes, for sure, developers at Zehntech have experience in working on both AR and VR thus we have a well-trained team of experts.

    Although there are minimum time frames for a basic project of AR or VR then the project completion and budget totally depend on your requirements and proper analysis of related factors. For more details, please contact us.

    AR is versed to provide a virtual image of any product via a mobile application and thus people can try on products without even physically touching them. This improves their decision-making and attracts them to the products resulting in increased sales.

    We at Zehntech have been servicing the clients for years with multiple requirements for AR/VR apps. Our team is well versed with technical expertise to fulfill multiple needs.

    AR and VR Taking the World to a New Horizon

    Leave an Ever-Lasting Impression on Your Potential Clients With AR and VR

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