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Migrate to AWS with confidence while maintaining operational continuity

Migrating to the cloud can be more challenging than one claims it to be. Before moving databases & applications to the AWS cloud, it is imperative to check if it is possible to migrate every IT element in your current infrastructure. Not assessing your cloud readiness before lifting & shifting your IT environment to the cloud can lead to a waste of time, money, & resources. 

Through our AWS cloud assessment services, we inspect your existing business applications and data to understand if we can migrate them to the AWS cloud with little to no disruptions and impact on business continuity. 

Our cloud assessments are based on a multitude of use cases that enable us to provide you with the most accurate level of assessment & migration services required for a harmonious cloud transformation. 

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What you get out of AWS cloud migration assessment services

Our cloud specialists perform an exhaustive analysis of your existing applications through which you get:

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How our AWS cloud migration services benefit you

Zehntech’s AWS cloud specialists look at your organization’s IT environment & resources and determine if your existing IT infrastructure can be migrated to the AWS cloud.  

Be prepared for your
security needs in advance

Zehntech's AWS cloud assessment team audits your company's IT infrastructure to interpret the usage of your business applications & their adaptability. They assess your business's needs in terms of network security, resource authorization, & compliance. 

Understand your
migration agenda

Enterprises migrate their workload to the cloud for various reasons, including wanting to leverage multiple technologies. Harness the power of AWS & its cloud technology universe to enable agility, scalability, and availability. 

Determine & set your
migration priorities

Our AWS cloud assessment services help you define responsibilities, determine stakeholders, & manage documentation. Fixate timelines for timely, phased AWS migration of your business applications with cloud assessment. 

Allocate your cloud budget accordingly

Zehntech's cloud assessment team can conduct an end-to-end financial audit for your migration project. They give you an estimate of your cloud costs by looking at your business requirements, workloads, security needs, & resource usage. 

Selection of the most useful applications

After meticulously assessing your cloud infrastructure, we choose business applications for you depending on what you want to achieve with your cloud implementation. We help you choose the ones that will complement your business & optimize your processes. 

How we work

Realize the complete value of your cloud infrastructure with Zehntech’s AWS cloud readiness assessment services. Being an AWS Managed Services Provider (MSP), we have an elaborate, well-structured process for analyzing your IT infrastructure. 


Determine what you want to achieve

Setting clear expectations about the goals you want to achieve by moving to the cloud is crucial. At the beginning of the project, we devise a concise AWS cloud migration strategy keeping in mind your organizational needs. 


Pin point resource & skills gaps

This is an important step in which we gauge your IT team’s capabilities. We help you understand the technical gaps in your organization so we can fill them with skills & resources at the earliest, 


Examine your current infrastructure

In the next step, we scrutinize your existing infrastructure to understand your organization’s cloud readiness & overall project feasibility. We closely examine the business applications you wish to migrate to the cloud. 


Understand your security needs

Cloud security is a key deciding factor when businesses contemplate moving to the cloud. Hence, before moving your applications to AWS, we assess your company’s current security posture & identify the security measures to be taken. 


Understand your operational & cloud readiness

In the case of medium and large-scale organizations, cloud operations and migration can be challenging. In this phase, our AWS cloud assessment team determines your cloud readiness when it comes to managing cloud operations. 


Anticipate costs & set a budget

The AWS cloud offers services that help in increasing organizational performance, resilience, agility, and scalability. We help you choose applications & services that fit your budget & increase overall efficiency. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

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AWS cloud readiness assessment is a process conducted before actually performing cloud migration. In this process, your organization’s business applications and data are validated to understand if they can be securely moved to the AWS cloud without causing any disruption to the ongoing business operations.

Cloud readiness assessment is absolutely imperative for all organizations in their digital transformation journeys. It helps in minimizing loss of data and eliminating other negative impacts wrongful migration can have on business continuity. Additionally, after knowing the IT elements that can be transferred, this assessment also helps you determine the suitable steps for a seamless migration. 

Zehntech’s AWS cloud assessment services include: 

  1. An analysis of your company’s current security and compliance, networks, databases, applications, & monitoring, requirements 
  2. An extensive total cost of ownership (TCO) comparison between the AWS cloud and on-premise environment 
  3. Future state of cloud architecture
  4. A complete cloud migration roadmap & strategy 


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