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AWS’s network of powerful, globally available tools & services enables your organization to automate complex manual tasks & keep your teams updated with the project’s progress. Unleash incessant innovation & timely application deliveries with the uninterrupted automation capabilities of AWS. 

In contrast to old-fashioned companies that still use a conventional software development approach, AWS DevOps automation can provide your organization with the agility needed to thrive in the market & serve customers better. 

Zehntech’s dedicated AWS DevOps automation team of cloud engineers, architects, & consultants empowers your business with the tools, resources, & best practices you require for modernizing your workload and enhancing technical operations. 

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What we offer in our AWS Cloud Automation services

AWS DevOps Strategy Consulting

Being an AWS Managed Services Provider, we have extensive experience in providing end-to-end strategic consulting & optimizing AWS cloud technology usage & operational value.
We assess your DevOps environment, design a fail-proof migration strategy, establish a DevOps Maturity Model, framework, & tool stack, & provide you with a detailed cost assessment.   

Automation of Existing Infrastructure

Leverage your AWS tools & resources with Zehntech by employing the best practices of Infrastructure as a Code. Harness the power of a simplified, consolidated automation setup & compliance automation. 
We use AWS Cloud Formation for provisioning correlated AWS assets covering a multitude of AWS accounts & environments. 

Automation of Application Management

Our DevOps-centric application development approach empowers you with version control features as well as branching strategies.  
We use AWS CodeDeploy, AWS CodeBuild, & AWS CodePipeline for Continuous Delivery, Continuous Integration, & Continuous Deployment. 
We execute Canary deployments with the help of AWS & implement DevTestOps processes while leveraging AWS DevOps services. 

Governance & Security

Effectuate coherent governance guidelines, standards, & policies for your AWS environment & applications. Compliance tracking & reporting while complying with AWS standards & best practices. 
Comprehensive AWS application & infrastructure security through tested security & compliance policies and policy-as-a-code.  

DevOps Modernization

AWS EKS & ECS -based workload containerization & orchestration. We leverage Fargate & Lambda for the implementation of event-oriented infrastructures.    
Zehntech also utilizes GitOps for enhancing & reinforcing your existing DevOps practices.  Workload management & modernization through AWS AppMesh. 

Exhaustive Monitoring

Make the most of resources by AWS for cloud monitoring. Seamlessly monitor various cloud environments with powerful tools like AWS CloudTrail & AWS CloudWatch.    
Enjoy custom dashboards & reporting for complete application monitoring & logging. Our team can also assist in using Grafana & Prometheus for K8s & containerization monitoring. 

Zehntech’s AWS DevOps Services Can Help You to

AWS Technologies We Use

Our experienced team at Zehntech can provide you with support and maintenance services for all Salesforce services. 

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Accelerate Innovation & enable speed to market with AWS

Get the most out of AWS & DevOps by leveraging efficient functionalities for log monitoring & analysis, boosting innovation, & meeting security compliance. 

Elimination of redundant, non-critical resources

Curtail usage of unimportant cloud services for cutting down on project costs. The AWS environment comprises a plethora of open-source platforms that can be used to resolve business problems faster. 

High ease-of-use

AWS is a simple-to-use, flexible, fast, & secure business solution for companies looking for low-cost cloud software. Once your profile is set up, as an authorized user, you can leverage any service you feel would be beneficial for your enterprise.  

Scalability as per your needs

AWS empowers you to scale up or down as per your company’s growth and service requirements. Make the most of its resources, flexibility, & ease of configuration. 

Designed to accelerate automation

Develop & manage applications faster & more efficiently with automation functionalities in AWS. Automate manual tasks, like deployment & working process elaboration, with Zehntech's AWS DevOps automation team. 

Enhanced customer experience

Integrating with Apache Airflow can help organizations provide a better customer experience by providing a seamless and integrated experience across different touchpoints and systems. This can help improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

How we work


Needs Assessment

Zehntech’s skilled AWS DevOps automation team begins the process by creating an in-depth roadmap. They help you identify key traceable metrics & visualize the end state. 


DevOps analysis & implementation

Now, we initiate DevOps implementation by thoroughly analyzing, intricately designing, meticulously constructing, and strategically automating in the areas identified. 


Automation integration

Next, our AWS cloud integration experts amalgamate your infrastructure’s existing tools with the powerful ecosystem of AWS and its licensed, open-source automation tools. 


CI/CD Pipeline

Now our AWS DevOps consultants bridge your organization’s DevOps gap by leveraging continuous development, integration, testing, & deployment. 

Convert Vision into Reality

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes. At Zehntech, we utilize the 4 main AWS DevOps Services: 

  •  AWS CodePipeline 
  • AWS Code Build 
  • AWS CodeDeploy 
  • AWS CodeStar 

DevOps is a software development methodology that comprises a set of rules, practices, & resources for integrating & automating software development & IT operations to enhance & shorten the SDLC. 

AWS provides tools & services that facilitate DevOps. 

. Yes, Zehntech’s AWS DevOps team can help you set up dashboards & reporting in your AWS environment. 

  1. Monthly Application Analytics Reports
  2. Reports on Custom CloudWatch Metrics Monitoring 
  3. Standard CloudWatch Metrics Monitoring
  4. Report on Server Availability
  5. Report on CPU Utilization 

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