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Physical businesses within the local boundaries following a traditional approach generally fall out of the loop in today’s era where the consumers have moved online towards the ecommerce industry to look out for the products and services they need. Even the storekeepers are more towards setting up their own online stores to sell out their products and services.

So, e-commerce industry is on the hype and thus very competitive, and for you to brace yourself for the competition you are into, technological integration becomes your best catch. E-commerce is highly associated with technology and with the best platforms and strategical use of technology, you can undoubtedly create a niche for your e-store in the marketplace and scale your business. 

What We Do?

With the growing number of businesses setting foot in the e-commerce industry, it has become competitive as ever. And if you want to see your business achieving its goals and reach success in this competitive scenario, you need to come out as different and unique.

We help you build that image for your e-store that makes you stand out in the crowd with a site completely personalized to your needs, giving the best user experiences and features that every person looks for in an e-commerce website.

Even maintaining the site is a challenging job. There is a lot that people expect to get on an e-commerce website such as easy user interface, responsiveness, easy checkouts, secure transactions, etc. With us you can be sure of providing all of this and a lot more to your target audience and have them converted to your customers in no time.

We promise you the most unique, functional, and scalable online stores and e-commerce services meeting all your requirements to your hundred percent satisfaction.


Our Areas of Expertise!

With our expertise, your e-commerce business can gain the online presence that it needs to move up a notch and reach the desired levels of business success.

E-Commerce Store Creation

The first step in setting your foot into e-commerce business is creating an online presence with an e-commerce store where you can market your products and services. But you may get confused with so many choices of platform available with you. We evaluate your business and its needs and help you settle for the most suitable platform for you and create a customized store for you which meets all your business requirements in every manner.

E-Commerce Store SEO

You cannot just create an e-store and then sit back and relax waiting for people to visit you and convert to your customers. You need to work on that, trying to attract people and provide them with things that urge them to convert. We do that by performing SEO for your website making sure that it ranks over search engines being easily visible and accessible to your audience, thus increasing your website traffic and conversion rates.

E-Commerce Store Maintenance

Maintaining your e-store is as crucial as is creating it in the first place. You have to make sure that your store continuously gives your users good experiences so that you be able to retain them and also attract new people and convert them. But, as the functioning of your store increases, there can be increased risk of errors and bugs coming your way. We help you manage these errors, bugs, and other problems that you may encounter and maintain your store so that it remains functional at all time.

E-Commerce Store Integrations

You have many other systems dedicated to performing different functions for your company, such as you may have an ERP system to manage all your enterprise resources, and a CRM system to manage the relationships and engagements with your customers. There may be other API systems as well. But managing all these systems separately and also managing your e-store can baffle you. We offer to integrate all your systems together into one single platform so that you have the ease to manage them in much better way.

All E-commerce Solutions at Zehntech!

Are you thinking to start your own e-commerce platform? Or want to enhance platform efficiency with CRM and ERP integration? We are here to do all e-commerce related jobs.

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