Transforming the Finance Functions

Fintech has revolutionized the ways finance activities take place by consolidating the finance operations with technology.

Banking, Insurance, Capital Markets have all become advanced, faster, easier and cost effective with the advent of fintech.

What We Do

With the growth in finance sector and the advancement of technology, many fintech industries have emerged. Even the traditional financial institutions and banks have put a foot forward into making the use of technology and automating their activities. However, these fintech industries and service providers find it challenging when it comes to creating IT solutions. Zehntech eliminates these problems and bringing Fintech IT automation solutions for Financial Services industry. With our expertise in technology and knowledge of finance functions and capital markets, we engineer prolific IT solutions for Fintech Industries that will help them scale their operations, modernize their functions and provide services that lead to enhanced customer satisfaction.

Our Areas of Expertise

We have every Fintech Solution that You Need!

Blockchain Services

Manage your transactions better. You can record, share and synchronize them electronically with the Blockchain based Distributed Ledger Technology.

Capital Markets

Transform the way you work in the capital market, from your trading activities to resource management, with robust apps for every function.

Insurtech Services

Create applications and digital platforms to sell insurance policies and manage other operations such as processing of claims, etc. in a faster and more cost-effective manner.

Regtech Services

Financial Institutions are highly regulated and have to cope up with numerous regulatory and compliance requirements. Manage all these requirements in an easy and efficient manner with use of technology.

Do you have any Fintech Project?

We are here to develop a smart technology solution for the Finance industry. Our technology experts can suggest you best solution to automate your business process

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