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Technological Solutions Winning Your Game In Gaming Industry

Games and sports have been an important part of everyone’s life, and we all love playing games. But games are no more limited to just some field play. With technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality it has been possible to create gaming applications and gaming consoles which are loved by every gamer in the world. 


With efficient technological integrations into the gaming industry, you can come out with gaming devices, applications, websites, and consoles that can best attract the interests of gamers and keep them engaged, thus earning you profits through higher sales and offering you benefits such as brand establishment, better relationship with your customers, increased website traffic and customer loyalty.  Gamers keep waiting for something new to explore and have fun with, and that’s where technological gaming solutions help you swoop in and scale. 

What We Do?

In the competitive gaming industry where technology keeps growing, bringing something new every day, you can face many challenges in the journey of building your brand in the marketplace.  

The AR/VR technology, although very useful and beneficial, it is highly expensive. The difficulty to adopt it and its complexity add up to the challenge. Moreover, churn rate can affect your business vastly if you fail to create an impact within the initial few hours of the game. Other challenge comes in the form of consideration and concerns about screen time which affects health and may lead to addiction. Such concerns make it difficult for the industry to grow. And there are other challenges as well such as the choice of technology and its best use, use of blockchain technology, etc. 

We help you turn all the challenges to opportunities and create highly scalable gaming applications and websites and provide other gaming solutions that you need. We have the best in class experts to create gaming solutions using different technologies such as HTML 5 and Blockchain along with the capability to incorporate latest hardware innovations into your gaming application. With us, you get the technology, solution, knowledge, and expertise that you seek. 

Our Areas of Expertise

With our expertise in the gaming industry, you can have some great gaming applications developed and set new and amazing gaming goals for the gamers.

Facebook and Messenger Game Development

Integrate with facebook by putting your games directly in a frame on or create your own games on facebook to enjoy the additional functionalities of the platform and attract users and gamers through the facebook app center.

Mobile Game Development

Provide your users with some high-quality gaming experience with game development on every kind of mobile technologies like Windows, Android, or iOS created using the HTML5 and Blockchain technologies and benefit with comprehensive, cost-effective mobile gaming solutions.

Single and Multiplayer Game Development

Everyone has different gaming preferences. Some are lone players while some like to play it with a team. Give whatever your audience needs by offering them options to play the game as a single player or multiple players.

Action Game Development

Provide action lovers some gaming action in form of action video games involving hand and eye co-ordination and quick reaction time. You can keep your gamers thrilled and stuck to the game by providing them features and functionalities that builds their interest and makes them want to play your game again and again even after their lives in the game are over.

Educative Game Development

Some people love to gain knowledge even through games. Educative games are a key to easy and fun learning. Create games such as puzzles, etc., to offer your knowledgeable and education seeking audience some productive gaming experience that helps them learn and utilize their leisure time in the best ways.

Multilevel Game Development

A game becomes more challenging and interesting for the gamers when they have many levels to play in the game. Create games with multiple levels to keep your audience playing thereby reducing your churn rate significantly and bringing a growth for the gaming industry.

Why Zehntech?

We make the use of latest and most advanced technologies to offer you the gaming solutions right as per your needs and requirements. And we deliver you these solutions only after extensive testing of the applications and solutions so that you do not face any problem with their working. With us, you can be sure to continuously keep providing excellent gaming experience to your users and create a profitable business empire for yourself.

Want to develop a new age gaming platform?

We are here to provide you a perfect technological solution for gaming industry. Our team will develop a new age gaming platform for your audience. Let’s Discuss more about your idea.

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