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    360 Degree IT Solution for Wine Business

    Wine, a sweet alcoholic versatile beverage prepared with fermented grapes, has been famous in mankind for thousands of years. With the increased consumption of wine, its business has also boomed, which is quite clear from the Statista report.
    The digital invasion benefited the wine businesses by increasing sales through better market access. Thus, Wine business can be a great source of revenue when blended with the advancement in technology.

    Zehntech's Expertise to Amplify Success in Wine Industry

    Zehntech has been leveraging digital advancements and newly innovated technologies to fuel the Wine industry with end-to-end ecommerce and marketing solutions. Our experts have been devising ways to bridge the gap between the Wine industry owners and their target audience by developing personalized solutions for their customers with the help of the below-mentioned means.

    Web or Application Development

    Our experts at Zehntech prefer serving personalized solutions by developing websites or applications for our clients based on their niches and converting their ideas into stores that do the best per their vision.

    Portfolio Site Development

    Zehntech will design a professional portfolio site to showcase your products and boost your online presence. It acts as a business card for potential clients that contains details and pictures of your products and their pricing.

    Ecommerce Site Development

    The convenience of having a wine bottle delivered at home is an option preferred by maximum wine consumers. And an ecommerce website or application triggers the audience to scroll across the collection and choose the best. Thus, our ecommerce website development service will empower you with a responsive online store.

    Digital Marketing

    To cope with the changing pattern of choices and desires of people, you need to have a comprehensive engagement with the customers. Digital Marketing ensures a personalized approach by providing a more interactive experience via social media channels or search engine queries. Zehntech’s professional Digital Marketing experts will adopt multiple ways to provide wider market reach to Wine businesses.

    ERP and CRM Solutions

    ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions streamline business operations to a greater extent. Professionals at Zehntech have delivered a wide range of such solutions with 100% client satisfaction. The business got organized along with streamlined sales and marketing communications. The solutions also provide easy managing, retaining, and acquiring customers, which improves business workflow and accelerates sales.

    Accelerated Wine Consumption with Digital Expansion

    The unprecedented growth of the Wine industry has a lot to do with the online sale of Wines which boomed with the emergence of covid and a sudden dependency on digital equipment. Over the next five years, total beverage alcohol eCommerce sales across key global markets are expected to grow by +66%, to reach more than US$42 billion, according to IWSR findings. In order to make the website intuitive and user-friendly, our experts will integrate functionalities like filters, portfolios, categories, and an easy checkout option. The application will be developed with all the necessary licensing and regulatory norms ensuring no breach of law and a seamless delivery scenario.

    The recent development we provided resulted in an optimized solution in the form of a website which is a testament to superior service. A brief of the successful development of a Wine website is provided below in the form of a portfolio covering the client’s challenges and the solutions we designed to overcome those shortcomings.

    • The wine market has grown at above-average rates within the Alcoholic Drinks market and is expected to reach more than US$528 billion in revenue by 2025.
    • The United States consumes the most significant volume of wine of any country, which amounts to 33 million hectoliters in 2021.
    • As per IWSR around one-quarter of global alcohol drinks consumers say that they buy online. By 2025, sales are expected to total over $42bn across 16 key markets considered by IWSR, including China, Brazil, and the US.

    Get 360 Degree IT Solution for Wine Industry

    Let’s Make the Sweetness of your Wine Reach the Corners of the World and Be an Irreplaceable Part of their Vintage Collections.

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