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Let's Develop a Powerful E-commerce Platform with Magento!

We have a team of experienced Magento experts, who are happy to help you in building an E-commerce Platform. 

    Leveraging the Best E-Commerce Capabilities

    Online shopping has been ever-growing in trend and scope and most retail businesses are considering adopting the style to stay in the business competition and drive growth and expansion. Development of an e-commerce website or online store comes as a first step in this.

    We, at Zehntech, leverage the functionalities of one of the best e-commerce development platforms and provide extensive Magento Development Services with a team of certified Magento developers to cater to business’ e-commerce requirements. 

    Give a Boost to Your Busines's E-Commerce with Magento

    People run through a hectic schedule with their corporate job life and other activities due to which they find it tiring going to the local brand stores, or move around markets, searching for products they want. They expect to get everything at one single place and want to explore options at the same time. So, online shopping over e-commerce platforms is the new trend. 

    With an e-Commerce platform, businesses are simply able to sell their products online on a web store and give customers excellent shopping experiences. Going through with this trend, most retail businesses are adopting it and converting their local shops into online stores through e-commerce development over platforms like Magento. 

    Magento is a powerful open source platform for the creation of feature rich e-commerce websites and most e-commerce vendors consider Magento Development Services as their preferred choice for running their e-commerce business to achieve growth, scalability, and profitability.  

    Our Magento Development Services

    Magento is developed such that even a layman can use it for creating an online store, but to make the best use of its features, taking a deeper dive is necessary, which is a professional’s work. We have an experienced team of certified Magento Developers, who have a creative insight of things into offering you services for your Magento e-Commerce Website.

    The choice for an e-commerce platform could be overwhelming and sometimes you end up having your store developed on a platform that does not entirely caters to your business requirements. Migrating to Magento, which is the most feature rich e-commerce development platform comes as a convenient option in this situation as it will help you simply take your existing website to a better and more robust platform where you can have higher features and functionalities to cater to better user experiences.

    The CRM System in place in the organization is an important tool for management of customer data and information. As you start e-commerce business, you start getting this information on the online store as well. Sync this information with the CRM system without any efforts by integrating it with your Magento store. We provide Magento CRM Integration Services to sync your online store and CRM system so that customer information is pulled automatically and the customers can have better experiences when making purchases from your store. 

    The organizational operations are majorly managed by the ERP system. However, as you start your e-commerce business, you have data on the online store as well and then it becomes hectic to manage between the ERP system and e-commerce website. We provide Magento ERP Integration Services to sync the data between both platforms and automate functions for easier management of workflow. 

    The plugins on Magento help expand the functionalities of e-commerce websites with added features and also provide customization abilities to help create extensions for meeting unique business requirements. We have certified Magento developers and professional who work on extension development and customization in accordance with specific requirements for additional features on Magento stores and deliver the best Magento plugins. 

    Just having an e-Commerce platform is not enough, you need to continuously upgrade it with new features to keep your customers interested and active on your website. You need to keep monitoring your website to check for any problems or bugs that may be hindering its smooth operation. We offer Magento Support and Maintenance Services and do all this support and maintenance work for you so that you can keep your focus on your business operations. 

    The theme you use sets the appearance of your online store and it has to be unique and responsive to give the best user experiences. We have certified Magento developers who work on development of responsive Magento themes which can be customized based on your business needs and requirements or even designed from scratch. 

    Magento is an easy to use but to start leveraging this platform you need to implement it into your business processes, operations, and workflows. We provide Magento Implementation Services and seamlessly implement the Magento store for your e-commerce business operations. 

    Magento keeps introducing updates and upgrades to enhance the features and functionalities of the platform and cater to better user experiences. We help you install and configure the updates and upgrades to your e-commerce website for a better performance that helps achieve scalability and profitability. 

    The integration of e-commerce stores with organizational systems, software, ERP, CRM, and other APIs creates a sync between the workflows and enhances the productivity and performance of the online store through improved operations and functionalities. We provide comprehensive Magento Integration Services that help create better customer experiences through better managed operations. 

    Why Zehntech?

    We hold years of experience and expertise in providing Magento Development services with a team of certified Magento developers and professionals. They are well-versed with the best industry practices and have a great deal of technical knowledge using which they excel at delivering bespoke Magento services and solutions that drive scalability and growth. 

    Magento Development Services Features

    Magento has a monopoly over a large share of the e-commerce market and it considerably owes it to its vast and expandable set of features and functionalities. 


    Magento has tools and systems that help e-commerce websites manage huge traffics. With Magento’s scalability, you can always keep increasing product catalogues and attract larger number of customers to the store. Greater website traffic would mean more business and thus higher sales and profitability. 


    Security is a major concern when it comes to managing e-Commerce stores. There is vital customer information and it is the duty of businesses to keep it safe. With Magento’s features, you can consider this problem solved. Magento offers a number of security plugins that can be installed for security and they keep improving with updates and upgrades. 

    App Development

    Magento offers the facility to integrate your e-Commerce website with mobile applications, so that the users are able to access the web store at any time, from anywhere, in a simplified manner. 

    Supports Multiple Languages and Currencies​

    In this competitive era, it is not enough to have business within your own traditional borders. It becomes important to go global. An e-Commerce website gives you a global presence, but at times due to language barriers and involvement of forex, the website is not able to back international customers. But, with Magento, there is no such barrier involved. Magento supports multiple languages on the website and people can make transactions in any currency, using any mode of payment. 

    of Tools

    Magento has a number of tools that make the marketing and promotion task easy. It has search engine optimization tools which help keeping the website on higher rankings in the search engines. It has tools that generate various coupon codes and offer discounts, which create better shopping experiences for the users. And the list continues, and never ends. 

    Have a Magento Project?

    Our Magento Team is ready to help your e-commerce business with all type of Magento services. If you have a project let’s discuss the opportunities. 

    Magento Development Services Features FAQs

    Magento has functionalities and features which no other platform matches. It is an open source platform which supports mobile responsive and SEO friendly features. Additionally, its features and functionalities can be infinitely extended using plugins and extensions. The customization abilities for themes and templates serve to create personalized user experiences. Furthermore, it has security features and patches that maintain the security of e-commerce websites and support safer transactions. In addition to all these functionalities and advantages, Magento keeps upgrading itself by launching and releasing updates. The platform never ceases to surprise its users and give them best functionalities which undoubtedly make it the most popular e-commerce development option in the marketplace. 

    The pricing depends on the size of your business and the product listing on online store. You can have a basic website starting form $20000. Moving to advanced versions will proportionately increase the price. Our certified Magento developers discuss your requirements and provide the most affordable and cost-efficient packages based on your needs to suitably meet your expectations and deliver a functional Magento store. 

    A basic website gets up and running in as less as 7days. As the needs for features and functionalities scale, the time frame extends. It generally depends on specific business requirements. Our experts evaluate your business, perform a thorough analysis, and devise a website development plan that defines the time frames within which project shall get completed. 

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