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    Effortless and Secure Data Transfer with YADE​


    A platform independent file transfer solution for transmission of data securely between entities.

    A proven managed file transfer open source solution that will eliminate all your file and data transfer woes.

    YADE Architecture

    YADE has a comprehensive architecture consisting of a component architecture and an implementation architecture. It has components that manage the whole file and data transfer process as well as keep a record of all the file transfer history. YADE has seamlessly replaced the traditional managed file transfer solutions, as with managed file transfer open source YADE, you can easily transfer your data online without running it through the risks of getting leaked or corrupted.

    YADE Client Component

    This is the most important component of YADE which manages the file transfer and SSH command execution along with carrying out other tasks such as sending transfer history to background service, enable audit trials and provide error handling.

    YADE Background Service Component

    This component collects the information of file transfers from the client component and adds this information to the transfer history database. It also provides a graphical interface to observe the transfer history. The component functions by using the SOS JobScheduler.

    YADE Credential

    YADE has a credential store which can be accessed only via public or private key and password authentication. All the sensitive configuration information remains encrypted and is centrally managed. Thus, the credentials, connections and other parameters are stored securely.

    YADE Key Features

    YADE supports the transfer of files and data between systems over the internet in a secure manner working as a command line client. It is a platform independent solution that supports every file transfer protocol along with automating the file transfer process by integrating with the JobScheduler.

    Virtual Machine

    YADE functions on every operating system that supports Java Virtual Machine and can transfer files using any protocol such as FTP, FTPS, SFTP, HTTP, HTTPS, WebDAV, etc. It transfers files very securely, detecting errors reliably and handling complex errors.

    Server-to-Server File Transfer

    YADE transfers data directly from a source server to target server, through a virtual file interface, using different data providers as a source and target. It does not touch down on the intermediate server and carries out an in-memory transfer, that is, it does not copy any data onto the intermediate server during the transfer, hence keeping the data safe and secure.

    Transfer History and Audit Trail

    A detailed information of all the file transfer is recorded in the transfer history, which can be read using JOC. The audit trail feature allows to write audit information to standardized log files thereby allowing to create a detailed log of all characteristics of a file transfer.

    Transactional Behavior

    Using this feature along with atomic file transfer, you can specify a group of files to be processed only when all the files in that group have been transferred. In case of any error in file transfer specified with transactional behavior, all the files already transferred will be rolled back and no file will open until all files are successfully transferred.

    Advanced File Transfer

    YADE transfers files using a wide range of protocols and advanced features such as ASCII and binary file transfer modes, atomic file transfer and automated file transfer. It also keeps a track record of all transferred file and seamlessly eliminates any error in the file transfer procedure.

    Integrates with JobScheduler

    YADE easily integrates with the SOS JobScheduler, which offers it the capability to automate the file transfer process of complex and large data, having complex workflows. The background service component also functions with the JobScheduler to record the file transfer history.

    File Transfer Profiles

    You can group all the settings required for file transfer, create a profile for that and store it in YADE configuration file. These profiles can be used for multiple file transfers and simultaneously for YADE Command Line Interface and YADE JITL Jobs.


    YADE can be configured to send notification via emails confirming the transfer of files or occurrence of any error during the file transfer.

    YADE Managed File Transfer UI

    YADE-managed file transfer
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