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Development Custom Scalable Applications With Oracle Apex

We have a team of experienced Oracle Apex experts, who are happy to help you in Application development.

    Accelerate Application Development Using Oracle Apex

    Oracle Apex is a comprehensive low-code platform that can be easily accessed and used for application development. Apex allows users to provide an elegant interface to their applications with minimal effort and reduced coding needs. Zehntech has a team of experienced professionals who can build scalable and secure enterprise applications with Oracle Apex. Our experts have been serving organizations with data-driven applications that contain unique features for over a decade.


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    With A Low Code App, Fill the Tech Talent Gap

    Building a full-fledged app with highly customized features can be a time and money-consuming task. So, imagine a scenario where you might have your app at your fingertips with accessible drag-and-drop features in minimal time and at affordable pricing. The situation is practically possible by Oracle Apex. And not just IT but every single industry is leveraging the advantages of this reduced technical expertise needed by Oracle APEX. 

    Get Professionally Built Secured App with Less Code and High Security

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    Benefits of Low-code Platforms

    Low code is a boon for people looking for Rapid Application Development (RAD). A wide range of benefits is associated with common code application development platforms. Companies have started turning towards these platforms for rapid and easy development with minimal need for technical expertise. 


    • Reduced need for technical expertise
    • Decreased cost
    • Enhanced productivity
    • Improved customer experience
    • Quickly meets the dynamic requirements

    Oracle Apex Offers Superior Features



    With reduced coding needs, one can work on the Application’s core components, not on continuous coding. 




    Oracle Apex provides scalability; thus, the applications can support multiple users simultaneously with the help of seamless management of database requests. 




    Oracle Apex allows you to regularly monitor the application’s functioning, the daily visitor’s updates, developer activity, etc., with the help of Oracle Application Express. 




    Oracle strives to develop web applications and software which are easily accessible; this means there are features that can be inserted which make it possible for disabled people to use the app.




    Administrators in Oracle Apex can configure security, including service-level security, configuring support for absolute application security, configuring session time out, preventing browser attacks by isolating workspaces, etc.


    Autonomous Database


    Oracle Apex comes with Autonomous Database. This characteristic allows the business owners to concentrate on business growth as security. DBAs perform the backups, updates, and other routine management tasks.

    Our Offerings

    Oracle Apex Installation & Configuration

    Though Apex is a low code platform and doesn’t require technical expertise, you need it to be correctly installed and configured to leverage its advantages. At Zehntech, we trained a team of Oracle experts who will provide you with eminent Apex installation and configuration services. The team will put all the relevant efforts required for successful installation and allow you to relax and enjoy its unparalleled benefits. 

    User Interface for Oracle Apex Application

    The look and feel of any application highly affect customers’ perspectives. Thus we design an interface that is user-friendly and responsive in all aspects. Apex comes with drag-and-drop functionality, making it easy for the developer to view the changes made in real-time. The feature allows us to insert or remove columns or new features in applications easily and quickly.

    Custom Application Development

    Oracle Apex comes with highly customizable features. You can design the apps in Apex as per your requirements without writing a single line of code or having expertise in HTML or CSS. We at Zehntech provide tailor-made and quick solutions to make your Application meet your expectations. 

    Apex Maintenance and Support

    Every platform needs support and maintenance even after being delivered as a highly efficient application, website, or software. Zehntech believes in building long-term relations with clients. Thus connecting with Zehntech will empower you with post-project support and maintenance. We assure to be available 24*7 to provide all the necessary guidance and mounting.

    Oracle Apex Upgradation

    Oracle Apex is a low-code platform, making application development much more accessible. Also, Apex keeps on upgrading its features to provide its users with solutions that suit their business needs and ease their way of working. So to leverage the advantages of a better and more renowned version of Oracle Apex, you need experts. Zehntech has a team of Oracle professionals who specialize in Oracle Apex upgradation services.

    Implementing Web Services

    Oracle Apex web services enable applications to interact with one another.  This is done over the Web in a platform-neutral, language-independent environment. These web services are based on the Simple Object Access Protocol, and to provide you access to the web services, our experts will create a Web service reference using a wizard to provide access to the Oracle Apex web service.

    Why Zehntech?

    Zehntech is an organization with highly qualified experts who works with passion and involvement to provide better and improved results in every domain. Oracle Apex is a Paas platform that comes with ready-to-use environments and minimal coding needs but to leverage these advantages, you need installation and configuration, which Zehntech professionals seamlessly offer.


    Zehntech Has Been a Support for the Industry Experts 


    We feel comfortable around various ventures and fields; thus, our professionals love to provide solutions to multiple industry needs. We’re familiar with working over unique client requirements; therefore, our services focus on their needs. As a result, our portfolio has some vast, market-driving partnerships. 

    We Make you Experience the Wonders Generated by Oracle APEX 


    Oracle, being the low code hero of the arena, provides you with control over your data. Just like google sheets and excel, you can edit the rows and columns in Apex and customize them for better results. With Oracle Apex by your side, you will also get a clear picture of the insights to know the strategies for future progress.  

    Increase ROI with Zehntech's Code of Conduct

    70% Business Automated

    When we build applications, your business processes get eased up with zero risk enabling the leaders to work efficiently and bringing in more revenue. 

    100% Team Cooperation

    Our renowned experts work together to shape your vision into a better version with their technical expertise. Thus we will incorporate the highest team efforts to achieve the objectives.

    100% Transparent Workflow

    Our working process is transparent, and thus we keep updating our client’s regarding the status of their projects. Along with this, we allow regular feedback so that the resulting development is satisfactory.

    99% Preplanned Project

    We examine your current business processes, comprehend end-client needs, design a tailored undertaking plan, and execute the one that is the most ideal for your current and future business needs. 

    Top Industries We Serve





    Product Engineering


    Small Businesses




    Oracle APEX Application Development (APEX Service) builds and deploys modern, data-driven applications with a secured low-code platform on Oracle Autonomous Database in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

    With the help of the Oracle Apex app development platform, you can build applications without technical expertise in coding. Hence its termed a low code development platform. The Application may have sophisticated features as well.

    Oracle Apex has something for all kinds of users like business analysts, developers, and anyone who wish to get an app with minimal technicality and updated features.

    As already said, Oracle Apex allows you to build applications without a higher amount of coding. This functionality will ensure that users with less technical knowledge can make advanced apps hassle-free.

    Choosing Zehntech as your Oracle Apex development company will be the smartest choice since we are experts in developing low-code applications and have been doing so for years. Our developers have delivered many Oracle Apex applications with 100% client satisfaction.

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