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    Artificial Intelligence with Robotic Process Automation


    Bots replacing Humans, Manage your routine, repetitive, clerical tasks with a virtual workforce.


    A proven solution to get your tasks completed with an increased pace and zero errors.

    Robotic Process Automation

    At times, your workforce may get stuck with some repetitive tasks, which are boring and time-consuming. The staff is stuck with performing these high-volume tasks when instead they could have otherwise utilized their time in other more important, strategic work. Robotic Process Automation overcomes this problem.

    Robotic Process Automation allows you to automate the tasks and assign them to a robot, who will manage the workflows just like a human, interacting with the end-user applications and websites. You will only have to give a sequence of commands and the robots will execute them following the defined rules and procedures.

    We, at Zehntech Technologies associate with you as your Robotic Process Automation Vendors and provide you robust and efficient solutions that best cater to leveraging artificial intelligence with this high-end technology.

    Robotic Process Automation Benefits

    Cost Effective Solution

    Robotic Process Automation reduces your need for human labor and robots do cost less. Furthermore, with your virtual workforce handling the routine tasks, you can better utilize the potential of your manual workforce for the strategic tasks that require human mind and thinking. This will help you save the costs with the added advantage of increased work efficiency.

    Enhanced Employee Productivity

    Employees are the most important and most valuable assets for an organization. Their productivity goes a long way in building the path for organizational success. By automating the processes, you pull your employees from the routine, monotonous tasks which might have made them lose interest in work and put them on strategic and interesting tasks which they would perform with a boosted productivity.

    Consistent Customer Experience

    With automated tasks you ensure that your jobs are performed quickly and consistently without any errors. You are able to provide fast services to your customers and meet their expectations to their utmost satisfaction thus providing them great experiences which keep improving helping you to consistently scale your business further.

    Features of Robotic Process Automation

    Robotic Process Automation Service is an excellent technology to give scalability to your operations. With this technology, you can automate tasks as simple as sending e-mails. You can automate your websites and software to achieve time and cost efficiency in your operations. With the various tools available for automation in the market, its simplicity of use and ease of performing tasks, this technology is fast growing and used by almost every industry with the help of robotic process automation vendors.

    Robots In Place Of Humans

    The major objective of robotic process automation is to sideline the manual workforce and bring a virtual workforce in their place. It involves using different categories of robots to do monotonous manual tasks such as entering data, gathering and storing information or performing calculations.

    Quick Work, Zero Errors

    Humans have a limit to their capacity to work. They need a break after some hours of continuous working. Moreover, humans are prone to committing mistakes. But, with robots doing the work, you can carry out the tasks all the time without worrying about any errors. Also, the robots will work with a much increased pace than with what humans can. This will get your tasks completed in lesser time.

    No Coding Requirement

    Unlike the other traditional methods of automation, you need not learn any language or code for using robotic process automation. There are various tools that you can easily get with robotic process automation vendors using which you can automate your processes.


    The technology offers the capabilities to manage the tasks in centralised manner and you can run any number of tasks through robotic process automation. It provides the users with massive scalability.


    The technology has tools which continuously monitor & analyze the tasks being performed, so that any problem arising with the automation can be immediately resolved & tasks are conducted in a smooth and reliable manner.

    User Friendly

    Due to no coding requirements and the ease of working with the technology, robotic process automation is a very user-friendly technology that can be easily understood and used by anyone with some training.

    The Process We Follow

    We, as an robotic process automation vendors, follow a comprehensive step by step procedure to implement your robotic process automation solution that aptly fits all your requirements.

    1. Process Initiation

    We start with an initial review and analyzation of your business process to evaluate the level of automation needed and determining how it can be deployed.

    2. Process Designing

    Upon evaluation, a design for implementing the process is prepared documenting the complete procedure to be followed and the automation solution is engineered.

    3. Process Implementation and Testing

    The designed and engineered robotic process automation solution implemented and thoroughly tested to check its efficiency for performing the operations.

    4. Process Monitoring

    The automation solution is continuously monitored and analyzed as per the results of testing to further plan out on the areas of improvement for the solution.

    Why Zehntech?

    We are backed up with an experienced team of professionals who are well versed with every aspect of robotic process automation and are experts in developing a solution that meets all your requirements. The step by step procedure that we follow to deliver the RPA solution makes sure that we have got everything covered for you. With our knowledge and expertise, we can confidently say that we are the RPA Vendors you are looking for.

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    Robotic Process Automation FAQs?

    Robotic Process Automation has wide applications with the abilities to be used in almost any industry such as insurance, manufacturing, supply chain management, banking and financial services, and healthcare.
    It is great to perform tasks which are repetitive, consistent, large-volume, time-consuming and do not require much human intervention.
    You can start with the deployment of a RPA system within your organization for even no cost at all. There are many RPA vendors who are offering the RPA software for free, however with a little spending you can enjoy additional features that can serve you great benefits. RPA is not as costly as it may seem, and cost must be no excuse for you to not use it. RPA is an extremely advantageous technology for your organization and a must have if you want to scale.
    Robotic Process Automation is an ongoing process. The initial setup and implementation would take a few weeks. After that your RPA software is good to work, and you can make continuous improvements and additions with constant monitoring and analyzation of your system.
    Often RPA is confused for AI. However, both are very different concepts. Although both are a part of Intelligent Automation, they are different in the sense that RPA just focuses on automating the routine tasks. There is a set of rules and instructions and the RPA system works according to them. AI on the other hand, not just automates the processes, it is a complete stimulation of human intelligence. It can think and efficiently perform tasks performed by humans.

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