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    Zabbix – A Full-Fledged, Open Source Monitoring Solution for All Verticals

    As you use IT infrastructures, services, applications, and resources for carrying out business operation, performance monitoring of these components comes as a critical aspect. You need to have detailed metrics monitoring network consumption, CPU load, disk space utilization, and such other parameters so that you may keep up with budgets and manage the costs for usage of IT components.

    As you use IT infrastructures, services, applications, and resources for carrying out business operation, performance monitoring of these components comes as a critical aspect. You need to have detailed metrics monitoring network consumption, CPU load, disk space utilization, and such other parameters so that you may keep up with budgets and manage the costs for usage of IT components.

    However, keeping a manual check and collecting monitoring metrics for each component or resource can be a very hectic task and block your human resources invariably. Moreover, there are always chances for errors. A better option is using monitoring tools and software which brings in Zabbix – The Perfect Open Source Monitoring Solution for all business IT components.

    Zabbix is an open source monitoring tool trusted by hundreds of companies for monitoring the metrics that they collect from their servers, applications, software, resources, and other IT component. With its robust and technologically advanced features and functionalities, the tool caters to the best performances that lead to business growth and success.

    Zehntech helps you leverage the tool at its best by providing robust solutions for Zabbix along with all the services you need for its installation, configuration, deployment, integrations, maintenance, etc., with round the clock support from our team.

    Zabbix Solutions and Services

    We provide a range of Zabbix solutions and services that help you best leverage the tool for excellent monitoring of your IT components.

    You need to install Zabbix into your system before you can configure, implement, and deploy it for monitoring the metrics. However, the installation is a tricky process since it is different for every operating system. We have a team of developers well-versed with carrying out Zabbix installation in a seamless manner on every operating system so that you can smoothly get started with the tool.

    Once you have Zabbix installed in your system, you have to configure it to the operating systems so that it can run efficiently and smoothly without any errors or discrepancies. This process involves running several codes. We have a team of developers who are well-versed with all the required codes to be run and have hands-on experience in seamlessly configuring Zabbix to the business’ IT components.

    Once you have installed and configured Zabbix, you are not really far from the implementation and deployment of the tool. There is only a file that you need to run, however, there are still technicalities involved due to which it’s best to seek help from professionals. We have a team of expert Zabbix developers who seamlessly implement and deploy Zabbix into your system after its installation and configuration so that you can use it easily for monitoring purposes.

    There are many monitoring tools and software available out there to provide metrics for your IT components but not many will be as advanced and robust as Zabbix. It is possible that you may face limitations with other tools and want to migrate to Zabbix, or it is also possible that Zabbix is too advanced for your requirements and you may want to use some other less advanced tool. Whatever be your requirements, we can help you with a seamless Zabbix migration, taking your components from other tools or software to Zabbix or vice versa.

    When you are using technical and advanced solutions like Zabbix, professional advice from experts can go a long way in helping you better leverage the solutions. We have team of expert and experienced Zabbix developers to provide you consulting for your Zabbix needs and requirements so that you can better analyze and use the monitoring metrics it provides and leverage the solutions to their best efficiencies.

    Even with advanced and feature rich applications, there can be times that you need some extra functionalities to meet your requirements. You can add up these functionalities and features into Zabbix. We have a team of Zabbix developers who develop customized solutions to add to the features and functionalities of Zabbix so that you can have better monitoring metrics for your business requirements.

    When you carry out your business operations, you have many tools and software working simultaneously and the best way to manage them all at once is to sync them together. We have experienced developers who perform seamless Zabbix integrations to synchronize the tool with your other enterprise applications, software, and tools so that you can easily manage and expand your workflow and operations.

    One thing with technology is that it keeps going through continuous advancements and developments and with that, there are better versions of the software and tools you are using. To leverage these versions, you need to upgrade to them. We have a team of developers who carry out seamless Zabbix upgrade to keep your tool working over the latest versions so that you achieve best performance with minimal downtime.

    Using technological solutions, software, tools, and applications always comes with the risks of bugs, errors, and queries. We provide 24/7 Support for the maintenance of your Zabbix monitoring tool, keeping up with regular backups, with our experts always being available to attend to your queries and problems.

    Why Zehntech?

    Zehntech provides the best in class solutions pertaining to the Zabbix software which help best leverage the tool for achieving amazing business performances. 

    Expert Team

    We have a team of experienced and expert Zabbix developers and professionals who cater to provide the best Zabbix solutions that suit your requirements.

    Affordable Packages

    We analyze your needs for Zabbix solutions thoroughly and offer you the best packages suiting your requirements at the most affordable prices.

    24/7 Support

    We have our experts available for you 24/7 to attend to all your queries and issues. You can reach us anytime via calls, messages, or any other convenient means of communication.

    Zabbix Solutions and Services ​ FAQs?


    Zabbix is a monitoring tool. As you use various IT components for your business operations, you need monitoring metrics to keep a check on your data and storage consumption, server usage, CPU load, etc. Zabbix is an advanced solution to help you monitor all these metrics in a seamless and easy manner.

    Yes, Zabbix is an open-source tool, so the users are free to use it at their will. It comes at absolutely no cost. You can freely install, configure, and deploy the tool into your operating system and start leveraging it for your organizational needs and requirements.
    Security is definitely an important aspect for your organization and you need to keep it tight so that your data is safe from threats of damage, infringement, or loss. For securing your data over Zabbix, all you must do is apply SSL encryption to all Zabbix systems and communications.

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