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Visualize team performance & business growth with intuitive dashboards

Businesses generate massive data, structured and complex, through their customer service operations, digital transactions, online interactions, and other systems. This raw, in-actionable data is not of great use unless you have a way of measuring performance against your objectives. 

To put an end to these issues and start making complete use of the data your various departments collectively produce, a dashboard is just the solution that you need. A dashboard is a smart business intelligence (BI) tool designed to creatively visualize data generated by your organization that you can comprehend effortlessly.  

Not all organizations understand the power of data and what they are capable of achieving with it. Dashboards are developed to offer organizations an objective view of business performance by serving convincing insights that help you come to conclusion 

Zehntech develops customized dashboards while constantly collaborating with you on what your business needs and what your business is trying to offer to its customers. We specialize in building interactive dashboards that inspire users to harness Big Data and analytics and anatomize them to collect deep insights for your organization. 

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What we are capable of

We develop, maintain, and modify dashboards that provide you with the exact information and insights that you need to grow.   

Custom Dashboard Development

Our expert team develops sophisticated dashboards that are tailored to cover all your business-specific needs. Our custom dashboards streamline your performance monitoring process using the latest BI and data visualization tools, techniques, and best practices. 

Dashboard Integration

We can also help you integrate a dashboard into your existing operating system so you can enjoy the benefits of intuitive dashboards without having to migrate your systems. We ensure that your dashboards remain flexible and scalable enough to accommodate changes in an ever-evolving business landscape. 

Dashboard Maintenance & Training

Got users from a non-technical background? Our expert team can easily train non-technical (and technical) users to seamlessly access and utilize dashboard elements. We provide end-to-end training as well as regular dashboard maintenance services to ensure high performance & get rid of any technical issues. 

Existing Dashboard Modification

Organizations grow. Business landscapes change. Customers’ needs evolve. In order to attune according to the changing dynamics, it is imperative to modify your existing dashboard to ensure it continues to fit your needs, and we can help you with the same. 

Dashboard Data Management and Consultation

Apart from dashboard creation & integration, our expertise also extends to dashboard consultation and extensive data management. We provide you with comprehensive consultation services after understanding your company goals, challenges, and needs.  

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Transform the way your team collects and analyzes data

Less risk with actionable information

The dashboard accumulates and organizes actionable insights on how you can boost business performance and results. Minimize the risk of unfavorable outcomes by making the decision-making process based on numbers and facts-based instead of it being intuition-based. 

Data mining tools

Dashboards provide you with data mining tools that enable sentiment analysis, predictive modeling, social media analytics, and text mining using which you can use for understanding your customers better. 

Data visualization & custom reporting

Our solution architects provide can build custom reporting interfaces and set up dashboards with data visualization tools, such as Power BI, Spotfire, Tableau, and Klipfolio. 

Single, powerful source of truth

Intuitive dashboards powered with effective BI tools serve as a single source of truth eliminate the confusion of multiple perspectives and can be referred to whenever your team is in doubt. 

Pinpoint challenges before they become a critical

Our dashboards help you clearly point out issues and challenges that need to be dealt with on priority. 

How We Work
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First Contact 

In the initial discussion, we learn about your business, offerings, goals, challenges, & expectations.

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Requirement Documentation 

Key project requirements & deliverables are mutually decided & documented.

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Product Development 

All team members use their technological prowess, expertise, & experience to provide solutions as per business requirements.

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Quality Checks & Assurance 

The demo is put through vigorous quality checks & tests to ensure security & performance as per standards.

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UAT, Remediation, & Enhancements 

Your solution is tested by its intended audience before the final launch. Issues are fixed by experts & suggestions are accommodated.

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Final Launch 

After the success of UAT, the launch-ready product is handed over to you. We also provide support & training when you need it.

Process We Follow


The initial discussion

This is the kick-off discussion where we go understand your business, business requirements, challenges, and budget based on which we will work out a dashboard design. We always ensure what we provide you with empowers your business key information while fitting into the budget. 


The Roadmap

After considering all requirements, our seasoned dashboard solution architects create an elaborate plan for the meticulous implementation of BI and data visualization tools across your company. The plan is discussed with you and all your queries are answered and suggestions are accommodated. 


Dashboard Development

This is the time we deliver what we have promised you. Our experienced data visualization experts get to work and develop a dashboard that provides you with critical, actionable information. 


Deployment & assistance

In the final phase, our seasoned Business Intelligence team assists your organization in leveraging the feature-rich data analytics and BI tools that help you make well-informed decisions faster for your business. 

Tools & Technologies We are fluent in

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Why Zehntech?

We, at Zehntech, have an efficient team of experienced developers who strive to provide you the best-in-class dashboard development services. We have got all your Dashboard requirements and needs covered. We deliver fantastic dashboards which are highly scalable, accessible, flexible, and easy to use; seamlessly aligning all your data and catering to all your informational needs thereby leading you towards business growth and success.
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Success Stories

Corporations & ventures have felt a prodigious difference during and after collaborating with us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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If You Are Facing Any Of The Following Issues, You Should Go For Our Dashboard Development Services:
  1. Lack Of Detailed, Comprehensive, Insightful Data And Reports.
  2. Your Exiting Data Reporting And Visualization Process Is Confusing And Does Not Allow You To Spot Patterns And Trends And Compare Figures.
  3. Your Existing Dashboard Is Overloaded With Excessive And Unnecessary Visual Elements.
  4. User Roles Are Constantly Ignored And Disregarded.
  5. Absence Of Filtering And Drill-Down Options For Users That Want A Comprehensive, In-Depth Analysis Of The Massive Amount Of Business Data.
  6. Lack Of Flexibility With Dashboards That Can Be Only Operated Through Desktop And Are Not Compatible With Mobile Devices.

Zehntech has a stringent security protocol that makes sure every piece of data is safe and secure. We provide you with user account controls that put you in charge of making the data visible and accessible to the people you trust. 

We can create dashboards that you can access from any and multiple devices depending on your requirements. Most of our dashboards are desktop-friendly, but we can also develop mobile-friendly dashboards for your organization if you want us to. Regardless of which device you operate from, your data gets synchronized automatically via the cloud. 

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