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IT Monitoring Made Easy with Nagios

We have a team of experienced Nagios experts, who are happy to help you in Monitoring.

    Monitor and surface IT issues before they become critical

    Editing a live application after discovering loopholes causing bugs or errors sounds simple but is a complex procedure and engages the developers in a nonproductive, time-consuming activity. This certainly can be avoided by the best-performing Nagios monitoring tool which helps you run APM before the application goes live. 

    With the rapid growth in technology and the advanced solutions in the market, you cannot afford to let your server go down for a second. To cope with the same, you need the right tool active at the right time.  

    Nagios Open Source, unparalleled monitoring software lets you monitor your network, monitor your server, monitor your applications, and bite the bugs to provide a streamlined work environment for your business making your clients back on your services.

    Optimize Your Infrastructure with Nagios Offerings

    This widely used open-source network monitoring system provides efficient monitoring solutions to every organization looking for such needs. It monitors specified equipment (hardware) and services (software and operating system) and comes with the feature of providing alerts when something deviates from its original path.

    Network Monitoring

    For an organization to work in a streamlined manner you need to have the routers, switches and other network operating devices work in a healthy manner. This supports an optimized workflow and results in a better working environment. Nagios is an eminent open-source network monitoring tool that plays a very important role by providing a quick analysis periodically and ensuring proper functioning. It performs an exceptional duty as a Network Monitoring Software which also monitors the traffic along with analyzing the network.

    Server Monitoring

    Analyzing the activity on your server is very crucial to detect if any pitfalls are present. A proper functioning infrastructure is a result of critical management of the organization’s servers and Nagios provides 360% support in this analysis. Nagios is a well-established tool providing alerts on detected issues and thus brings value to the organization. It also plays a vital role in keeping up with the health of the IT environment. Nagios as a leading server monitoring software helps in both Windows Server Monitoring and Linux Server Monitoring.

    Application Monitoring

    Downtime for your application plays a very important role, affecting the retention rate and time users spend on your application. Nagios implements an effective application monitoring service, leading to quick detection of problems that can be resolved over time. Nagios is capable of monitoring applications on Windows, Linux, UNIX, and the Web with the most advanced monitoring tools. The monitoring tools help in Web Application Monitoring and Application Log Monitoring.

    Acquire the Immense Features Offered by Nagios Through Zehntech

    Nagios Installation

    Acquiring clear visibility into the health of your network gives a superpower and saves the organization from hunting for the cause behind any failure. With our highly preferred and affordable Nagios installation services you will have a great monitoring tool active at your place.

    Nagios Configuration

    With basic monitoring settings for the server, Nagios is automatically configured. At Zehntech you will be served with advanced configuration services accompanied by all the necessary authorizations to manage and use Nagios.

    Nagios Implementation

    With Zehntech’s Nagios implementation services you will be empowered with effective application monitoring which allows your organization to quickly detect application, service, or process problems. We have the required technical expertise. 

    Nagios Migration

    Zehntech’s migration service is a streamlined procedure with immense care and expertise to avoid data loss. We will transfer existing data, defined hosts, services, and email alert scripts and establish Nagios with great functioning capabilities.

    Nagios Upgrade

    We have a team of experts specially trained to provide Nagios Upgrade services. They will make sure you have a good backup of your existing Nagios Core installation and configuration files thus keeping your data safe and secure.

    Nagios Support

    Using a complex tool like Nagios with huge functionalities is always accompanied by bugs or errors but our team of Nagios experts is sitting just a call away for the required support and maintenance you are looking for related to Nagios.

    Benefits of Obtaining Nagios Services with Zehntech

    Expert Developers

    Zehntech has a meritorious team of Nagios developers inculcating expertise in every service they provide. Their experience will help you gain the best solutions.

    24*7 Support

    Our team of specialized experts is trained well to provide you with unmatched support at every step you need from installation to migration or any other service you opt for.

    Affordable Services

    Our packages are designed in a manner that the person hiring our services has the power to customize them as per their needs at any time.

    High-level Quality

    Our services are provided in a manner that makes our clients remain forever and their retention is because of the unparalleled quality they receive from our experts.

    On-time Delivery

    While providing the optimum quality we take care of the deadlines which are framed in a manner that spares time to cure any unexpected failures.

    Prefer Nagios for Its Unparalleled Benefits

    System control, network analysis, and monitoring management are provided by a wide range of software and tools which come with exceptional features, but Nagios is like a cherry-pick which helps you reduce the downtime of applications and servers resulting in an optimized workflow.

    Reduced Time Consumption

    The health of your network can be easily detected and analyzed within a minimal time through Nagios. The analysis is so powerful that it detects slow or failing components, outages, overloaded servers, poor connections, and other issues quickly and efficiently allowing the servers and other components to work smoothly.

    Optimize the Cost

    Imagine having a well-established application with millions of users on board. What if it’s down for some reason, the result will be an unbearable loss. Nagios provides alerts on the detection of issues with infrastructures accelerating the response time and promoting a proactive work mode.

    Improves decisions Making and Scaling

    Better and informed decisions are promoted with a networking monitoring solution like Nagios that is capable of monitoring nearly anything and acts like a vendor-agnostic solution. Thus, you need a brand solution that supports the organizational strategy to deploy smarter decisions in your work process.

    Accelerated Productivity

    Reducing operating expenses and increasing productivity is the target each and every organization wish to achieve and with Nagios, you will get a guaranteed increase in potential revenue which is received by in-depth statistics helping in the overall growth of the organization. Nagios provides mean-time-to-resolution reports.

    Nagios Services and Solution FAQs?


    Nagios, with its immense benefits, proves to be one of the best monitoring tools due to the very first reason that it is an open-source monitoring tool. Some other benefits are it eliminates the fear of downtime of any application and promotes better decision-making.

    Compared to other products Nagios has a competitive price range and comes with an open-source functionality which makes it easy for the developers to use it. Also, the benefits it offers are justified by the price range it has.
    Nagios, an advanced open-source monitoring tool, analyzes servers, applications, and networks, which helps the organization prepare in advance for the bugs or errors that might appear in the near future if they remain unmonitored.

    Zehntech has an eminent team of Nagios developers who provide incomparable Nagios services and provides the installation, configuration, implementation, etc. services with ease ensuring the development of some meaningful insights to avoid errors.

    There is a wide range of open-source monitoring systems available in the market providing the server, application, and other monitoring functions. Nagios cloud monitoring is, however, the most popular choice on a budget, capable of monitoring a variety of servers and operating systems – both physical and virtual.

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