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    Maintain data integrity without compromising your security with SharePoint

    Migrating to SharePoint with the right SharePoint migration partner is your only remedy if you are increasingly frustrated with your disorganized document management and collaboration setup.
    At Zehntech we apply a proven SharePoint migration methodology and framework focused towards addressing your pain points to help you accomplish your business goals. It’s time to Ease up your transition from legacy systems, cloud files, mail into SharePoint. This migration will come with upgraded features, boost productivity and save big on the company’s digital workplace. We optimize the capabilities of SharePoint to cater to the needs of our clients’ businesses.

    Why Does Your Business Need SharePoint Online Migration?

    SharePoint migration is the process of making existing content accessible in a new SharePoint environment. With SharePoint organizations have the access they need from remote locations to essential documents and business tools from any device they choose. Imagine how simplified your workday would be if you could travel and work at the same time. Staying up to date with compliance requirements might be challenging but with SharePoint various standards and compliance requirements can quickly be built into the software.

    Employees today need devices that make them more useful and connected with, whether they’re on-premises or in the cloud. The coordinated efficiency applications in Microsoft 365 empower your association to profit from new techniques for joint effort — enabling representatives to be imaginative and cooperate, safely.

    The SharePoint migration is usually perceived as stressful, resource intensive and something that needs serious planning. Organizations accept outdated intranets and productivity tools and don’t embrace modern ways of working. Companies fail to understand that voiding upgrades means you can’t access the newest productivity tools and features that SharePoint offers.

    Benefits to Migrate From Other Platform To SharePoint

    OneDrive Data Storage and Access With High Security Feature

    You can store and share your files in the cloud since SharePoint Online also gives your business access to OneDrive. Organizations get a place to put all their working files, as well as the ability to share and collaborate both internally and externally on any device through OneDrive. Specific access permission can be assigned while saving your document to your cloud “My documents” folder. Files can be synced from your OneDrive for Business and SharePoint sites with the help of the new “Sync client” feature.

    SharePoint Online Made External User Management Easier

    The On-prem environment limitations on users’ abilities to share content with external users is fixed by the SharePoint Online version. Sites, folders, and individual documents can be shared with anyone who has a Microsoft Account linked to their corporate email address. And for specific read or edit permissions guest links can be assigned to users.

    Access SharePoint Online anywhere anytime

    SharePoint Online allows the users to work from anywhere and anytime. Hence, they are not restricted to a single device or single network. Work can be done offline on documents and the contents can be synced to Windows Explorer from SharePoint Online. Once the user reconnects to the internet the changes which have been made while offline will be uploaded back to SharePoint Online. The new SharePoint mobile app is another interesting element for mobility. It becomes easy to track each user’s experience in the SharePoint mobile app since this app is infused with the intelligence from the Office Graph. It is customized based on their activity within SharePoint, how they interact with other users, and much more.

    Get exclusive features

    With SharePoint online some of the services available are Microsoft Automate (formerly Flow), PowerApps, Delve, and Graph.

    Limit your IT resource requirements

    You avoid having to perform tasks like backups, OS maintenance, SharePoint patches, etc, when migrating from SharePoint On-prem to online. SharePoint Cloud reduces your internal resources because there’s no hardware to buy.

    No waiting time for new features and updates

    On Microsoft’s latest updates and new features there is a proactive communication strategy.  

    Security and compliance advancement

    Microsoft Cloud sometimes brings up questions around data security. Fortunately, SharePoint Online has multiple layers of security to protect your data. Multiple layers of physical security such as biometrics, motion sensors, 24/7 video surveillance and armed guards are there at Microsoft’s secret data centers around the globe. 

    Pay for what you need and scale up easily

    Users can be added or removed through the monthly subscription model as your organization changes. You can reassign the license or just remove it in case a user leaves the company. You can choose the plan as per your needs.

    Steps Involved in SharePoint Migration

    At Zehntech SharePoint migration involves various steps. Our developers analyze on-premise sites and environments in depth in order to implement SharePoint services. We believe in examining fundamental attributes and then we initiate the SharePoint Migration phase cycle.


    In the process of evaluating sites, we need to migrate bulk web content needs. This is done with a tinge of customization, branding, user mapping, permissions, other complexities and dependencies in on-premise SharePoint development compared to SharePoint online environment. On the basis of analysis of the scope of migration at the initial stage we prepare documentation with the key points of the migration process. Audit SharePoint farms and define a suitable migration model.


    For the actual Migration strategies are defined in this stage. Based on key-points of documentation prepared in the Analysis phase we classify the sites that need to be migrated, deleted and archived. Based on client requirements we decide Migration timeline & throughput, downtime of SharePoint sites and 3rd Party tools. Our version upgrade planning ensures smooth and successful migration to the latest SharePoint version that comes with enhanced functionality and security.


    Migration in line with the plan. For migrating content, pages and sites many different tools are used. For assurance each site or subsite that is migrated is tested. For a certain span of time, this on-premise site is switched to read-only mode for accurate data migration. We also reset workflows, reorganize content, restructure sites and site collections, fix or recode customizations, provide custom branding, and more.


    We customize the code for continuing with all the existing features or if we need to add new features. And it is hence made compatible with the existing version. The deprecated features are altered in this phase. Also, we enhance new migrated applications and rebrand it identically with requirements.


    With respect to the key points of documentation created in the Analysis phase each migrated and customized feature is validated. To ensure that we portray the expected results on the new SharePoint Online environment, we precisely verify the navigation and Search functionality of the application.

    Post Migration

    The final stage after validating and verifying the migrated applications is final stage release and the preceding steps, in the final phase are Post Migration replaces metadata information with deployment scripts to deploy it on production servers and clean up test data. SharePoint online site is then deployed. This is done to assist organizations in fixing technical issues and overcome user adoption pitfalls.

    Our SharePoint Migration Services Includes

    SharePoint Version Upgrades

    Are you Looking to upgrade your current on-premises SharePoint environment? We assist organizations in upgrading their SharePoint from older to latest versions of SharePoint both on-premise and online. To upgrade your outdated environment to the latest SharePoint version with a very minimum or zero downtime Zehntech follows proven processes and practices. Improve security, add more functions and get ensured of complete support once you migrate to a modern SharePoint Server version.

    SharePoint Content/Data Migration

    Though content migration sounds facile can be very tricky & challenging and it can lead to hours of wasted labour if not performed correctly. At Zehntech we provide content migration service which includes analysing the data on your current document management system, determining the data structure for the new system, defining new data model in SharePoint and classifying your data using metadata tags to improvise your search ability feature.

    SharePoint On-Premise to SharePoint Online Migration

    SharePoint online being a cloud-based version of SharePoint gives the benefit to the organization to create a public facing corporate websites and an intranet portal all in a single location. We at Zehntech help enterprises to migrate from SharePoint on-premise setup to SharePoint Online. All of the on-premise environment functionalities are preserved with the help of migration while taking advantage of features the SharePoint online offers this is something we take care of.

    Third-Party Application to SharePoint Migration

    Leveraging third party solutions simplifies the procedure along with reducing the effort or time needed for the process. We ensure productivity is not frozen and hence aim at providing SharePoint solutions to enterprises. We make the third-party applications migration easy by helping enterprises create a centralized document management system. Hence migration from current third-party solutions to SharePoint online becomes seamless.

    Why Choose Us for SharePoint Migration?

    We ensure your business isn’t getting left behind with legacy solutions by providing complete end-to-end support for implementation and migration, on-premises, and hybrid services.

    Our experts have operated with every piece of industry domain one can imagine. Beyond that, we conducted a vigorous analysis of your business needs and current trends.

    Moreover, client satisfaction is the crucial thing at what we aspire to. Be it about SharePoint development or any service implementation, we are here for you. We use customized techniques to make sure that the business objective is achieved.

    Over the years, we have come up as a leading It technology partner that brings innovation to your business. Besides all, our team will offer you a support service that includes ongoing maintenance support to empower your business with persistent results.

    Other SharePoint Development Services We Provide:

    • SharePoint Consulting Services
    • Custom SharePoint Application Development
    • Corporate Intranet Website and Web Portals Development
    • Business Workflows Development
    • Document and Records Management
    • Testing and Deployment
    • 24X7 Support and Maintenance

    Features of Microsoft SharePoint

    Sharing information becomes very straightforward by using Windows SharePoint
    Easy to use and deploy because it integrates with Microsoft Office applications
    Administrators can block users from uploading specific file types into the document repository
    Windows SharePoint services can be easily configured
    You can use the Microsoft SharePoint Designer to develop customized SharePoint sites and reporting tools
    To ensure the security of data, you can determine the different levels to access the information available on the SharePoint site
    SharePoint provides a framework for building web-based applications that allow users in an organization to collect and share information with each other without any hassles
    Windows SharePoint has a flexible architecture, which gives you the flexibility to modify the application, according to the changing needs of your business
    You can manage your critical documents, contact lists, and task lists online. Various revisions made to a document can also be tracked

    Let's Migrate to Microsoft SharePoint

    Create a more collaborative and smarter workspace with SharePoint implementations and migrations.

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