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We have a team of experienced WordPress experts, who will be happy to help you in custom plugin development.

    Your WordPress website has unique needs and requirements. And just some basic features and functionalities cannot fulfill those requirements to the fullest. 

    WordPress Plugin Development can offer to add extended features and functionalities to your website that will serve for expandability of operations, help with better management of your website, and give out the best user experiences to your visitors.

    Enhancing the Capabilities of Your WordPress Website

    Your website is the online voice of your business. It plays a major role in enhancing your business operations. So, it is important that your website is well managed with good user-interface and SEO-friendly features. And while WordPress offers such functionalities readily, you can extend and enhance the user experiences for your customers with additional features and functionalities by using WordPress plugins. 

    WordPress plugins are the add-ons that are available in the WordPress plugin directory. You can either use them directly by simple installation, or you can customize the plugins as per your needs and requirements. 

    WordPress plugins add up a host of features and functionalities to your website that can help you boost its capabilities to maximum possible extents. With these plugins, you can have any number of features on your website for any kind of your need or requirement. So, these plugins are an amazing tool in your hands to make your website look different and better from your competitors and stand strong in the competition. 

    Why WordPress Plugins?

    WordPress Plugins are the easiest way you can add up to the capabilities of your website with minimal to no coding requirements and flexibility. And you can achieve some exceptional benefits from them. 

    Extended Functionalities

    WordPress plugins are simple add-ons that you can use to add up the features and functionalities that are not available in the core WordPress website. So, you can extend the features of your website by many times and make it well-equipped for all your needs and requirements.


    With extended features on your website, you can easily provide the users all they need on your website. This offers them an ease of use thus making your website user-friendly and giving out better user experiences.

    Better Security

    Security is an important aspect for your website to prevent it from hackers, attackers, and other malware and viruses. With added features through plugins, you can also add up features for enhanced security on your website and make it more secure.

    Improved SEO

    Additional features and functionalities on your website also help to enhance the SEO of your website and create a better web presence for your business through higher website traffic and search engine rankings.

    Our WordPress Plugin Development Services

    Although the plugins are easily available over the plugin directory of WordPress, developing these plugins can be quite tricky. But we are here to ease out the task for you with our offering of every WordPress Plugin Development Services you will ever need.

    Custom Plugin Development

    Every client has different needs for the plugins and the plugins need to be designed as per those needs and requirements to give out the best experiences. We offer custom plugin development services and customize the plugins right as per your needs to give you the features and functionalities exactly like you want them on your website.

    Plugin Integration

    Just installing a plugin is not enough for you to make the best use of it on your website. You need to integrate the plugin on your website to ensure that there are no compatibility issues and the plugin is working just as expected. We offer these plugin integration services and make sure that you get the best experiences through the plugin you are using.

    Plugin Upgradation

    WordPress keeps coming up with updates and upgrades and they are also available for plugins. With such upgrades, you can have enhanced functionalities in the plugins and use them more effectively. We offer to seamlessly upgrade all the plugins on your website with proper testing before the upgrade so that you can continue to have the best experiences from your plugins.

    Plugin Maintenance

    You continuously need to test and monitor the plugins you have used on your website to ensure that there is no bug and the plugin is offering good experiences. We offer you Plugin Maintenance services that keep up with such testing and monitoring and also fix any problem encountered in between.

    Why Zehntech?

    We have extensive experience in offering WordPress plugin development services, and we provide the best-in-class solutions for all kinds of plugin developments. Here are the reasons for why we are the favorites among the people.


    Experienced Team

    Our professionals are highly experienced and have extensive knowledge about every aspect of WordPress and plugin development. With this expertise and experience, they develop the best plugins well suited to your needs with perfection.

    Affordable Services

    Not only we offer the best-in-class plugin development services, our services are highly affordable as well with the most reasonable quotes you can find for plugin development services. So, with us, you get quality services at your preferred rates. 

    With these extensions, you can have any functionality and feature that you want on your online store and this adds up to the effectiveness and efficiency of your website. With added features, the users of your store can also enjoy extended functionalities and have better experiences. 

    Extended Support

    Our work does not end at the development of plugin. We always remain available to help you out with your queries and other problems and offer an all-time extended support for our services.

    WordPress Plugin Development Services FAQs

    The cost for plugin development services is not fixed to one single price. It varies according to the specifications that you need in your plugin. More the specifications, more the cost. Time is also an important factor in calculating the costs. More time means more costs for the development.
    Yes, you can have a paid WordPress plugin customized as per your needs and requirements. But before you do that, you need to be assured about the guarantee and warrantee period of the plugin and confirm from the plugin provider about how it will be affected upon customization. Once you are satisfied with all the answers, you can proceed for customization of paid plugins.
    It totally depends on your needs and requirements. If you can find a plugin that will work out for you with some alterations and customization, it is best that you customize it. However, if you cannot find any plugin at all meeting your requirements, then a plugin development from scratch is the only alternative for you.
    Yes, you shall have all the copyrights over the plugin we develop for you and you can use it any way you consider apt.

    Want Develop Customized WordPress Plugin?

    If you want to develop customized WordPress plugin then our WordPress experts can help you in understanding the requirements and to built a wordPress plugin

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