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Odoo Implementation: A Comprehensive ERP Solution

Odoo ERP is a popular ERP software that many businesses use because it can be customized to meet the needs of your business. Odoo is flexible, can work with different business modules, and is often faster than other ERP software. It is an excellent option to save time and money. 

Odoo comprises different modules that work together to give you a complete set of business applications that help you manage other options on one platform. Zehntech offers the most effective Odoo implementation service for any business requirement. As an expert Odoo service provider, we can help you add modules to your ERP for managing inventory, coordinating sales requests, integrating POS systems, and other similar tasks in your ERP.

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Our Odoo ERP services

Business Evaluation

Any business's success is dependent on its management. Hence, frequent company analysis is essential for growth. 

Project Management

A successful project demands precise planning. With the help of the right tactics, your project can reach its intended objective. Hence, our Odoo services help you in effective project management. 

Odoo Consultancy

Leveraging our Odoo consulting services helps you with everything from hard-to-solve business problems to strong support for any issues that arise. 

Customization of Odoo

As your business grows, it is recommended to adapt  the functionality of the Odoo ERP system's apps and modules to fit your company's changing requirements. 

Odoo Data Migration

Data migration is a time-consuming operation. We, at Zehntech, offer rapid, time-saving data migration services that facilitate your migration process. 

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Positive effects of adopting Odoo's ERP

With Odoo ERP, you can automate all your major business functions & tasks. It helps organizations manage multiple processes in different departments, such as human resources, customer relations, inventory, sales, purchasing, accounting, and finance. Odoo ERP deployment will also help your organization set long-term goals. 

Handling Projects

Odoo's modules enable systematic management of your critical projects. Harnessing the many features of Odoo makes it simpler for organizations to monitor project operations

Data Availability

One of the main benefits of using Odoo is that all your data and documents are stored safely in one place. Your data are constantly updated as you access them, making it easier to find critical information during an emergency.   


By implementing Odoo in your business workflow, monotonous and repetitive processes are automated. It streamlines corporate procedures and makes data collection easy


You can quickly analyze and track progress and delays in processes using Odoo’s integrated reporting system.  

Lead Generation

Accelerated your business growth by generating leads with Odoo modules. Odoo has a call-to-action and drag-and-drop marketing features to increase help you generate qualified leads. Moreover, the sales app automatically logs customer information from website forms, making follow-ups easy. 

How we work


Initial Discussion

Firstly, it is necessary to outline the desired business objectives precisely. After discussing your request, we recommend the most appropriate solutions. 


In-depth analysis:

We gather information & conduct thorough analysis before installing and configuring Odoo modules and modifying them to meet your specifications. 


Final Deployment

After receiving your approval, we configure and grant user permissions for deployment. 


Data Migration

In this step, we transfer your data from the current system to Odoo. 


Training and Handover

Now, your team is adequately trained by our Odoo professionals. After training, you are given complete control of your ERP system. 


Support and Maintenance:

Our team is ready twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, to assist you and resolve any issues you face in your Odoo ecosystem. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

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The exact cost can only be known once our Odoo experts perform a gap analysis and figure out what your business needs. In simpler terms, the cost of implementing Odoo depends on the number of features needed and the complexity of your business requirements. 

At Zehntech, we offer services for installing Odoo, putting custom modules in place, and maintaining the system after it has been set up. We offer a comprehensive overview for adequately managing and coordinating all corporate processes. This enables firms to perform fundamental business analysis to comprehend business workflows and requirements. 

It takes around 15 to 24 hours for Zehntech to set up the Odoo ERP and deliver it to you with complete settings.

There are numerous reasons for Odoo’s increased popularity in the business sector, the key factor being opensource. This protects the company from paying a lock-in amount, increased software expenses, and limited functionality. Moreover, it ensures that your organization has access to a solid and up-to-date software. 

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