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Get Rid of Data-visualization and Data-analytics challenges!

We have a team of experienced Dashboard development experts, who are happy to help you with all data visualization and data analytics challenges.

    Delivering Extensive Data Visualization Capabilities

    Data is the most important repository for any business. And it is important to convert this data into information to get useful business insights and make the right decisions. But data handling is not that easy a task. There is so much of raw data and to sift that data by going through it can be a time-consuming, costly affair.

    And it shall always be more convenient to be able to view and visualize the available data than to read it and sift through it. An effective dashboard can give you all these data visualization capabilities fulfilling your data and information needs more effectively.

    What Can Dashboards Offer You

    The reports that you create with BIRT follow a specific format and are standardized all through making them comparable across different organizations. Such comparability will help you analyze your strong and weak points and improve your working.

    Visual Insights Into Data

    A dashboard represents your data in the form of graphs, charts, and diagrams and provides you a summarized report of the different data at a single place in visuals making it easier and quicker for you to understand and analyze data and make a decision.

    Easy Monitoring of Performance

    A dashboard gives useful insights into the performance of the company, indicating the key performance indicators (KPIs), showing efficiencies and inefficiencies in operations, and the organizational and business trends. With such insights, it becomes easy to monitor the organizational performance and take actions wherever necessary.

    Detailed Reports Facilitating Decision Making

    A dashboard along with representing the data in visual form, creates useful reports on the basis of the data providing crucial information required for the decision-making process. With the strategic use of data, information, and reports provided by the dashboards, businesses can make their decision-making process much easier and effective.

    What We Offer​?

    With Zehntech, you can have highly functional and effective dashboards, catering to all your needs and requirements. We offer every Dashboard Development Service you need, right from planning and designing to maintenance.

    Planning and Designing​

    We aim to give our clients exactly what they have in their mind. We have a thorough discussion with our clients regarding their needs, requirements, and expectations and then plan and design a dashboard that fits them right.

    Custom Dashboard Development​

    We develop dashboards for you that are customized as per your requirements and are full of features that help you align your business data and lead to business growth by making efficient and strategic use of your data

    Dashboard Integration​

    We allow seamless integration of your dashboards with your existing operating systems so that you achieve the benefits of going digital without the needs for additional infrastructure. We also take care that the dashboards remain flexible enough to change and integrate with the dynamic business environment.

    Dashboard Maintenance​

    We help you with maintaining your dashboards efficiently so that you always keep getting useful data, information, reports, and insights from that data and the dashboard stays updated and useful as ever for you. We enable all the data management so that you benefit the most from the available sources of data.

    Why Zehntech

    We, at Zehntech, have an efficient team of experienced developers who strive to provide you the best-in-class dashboard development services. We have got all your Dashboard requirements and needs covered. We deliver fantastic dashboards which are highly scalable, accessible, flexible, and easy to use; seamlessly aligning all your data and catering to all your informational needs thereby leading you towards business growth and success.

    Are your looking for Dashboard Development Services?

    Try our dashboard development services to get rid of data-visualization and data-analytics challenges. Talk to our dashboard development experts.

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