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    Upscale Workflow with Seamless Data Access Through Snowflake

    Snowflake is a flexible, scalable, and high-performing cloud-based data warehouse tool that is provided as a service. Earlier setting up a data warehouse was expensive since it involved purchasing a hardware appliance that is specially designed and running it on your data center. But with Snowflake, it has become cost-effective and affordable. The only cloud platform used as a data warehouse and a data lake enables data architecture to be built within a single platform.

    Zehntech will provide the best Snowflake development services along with providing the implementation, integration, and support. Optimize data to drive insights that make your organization grow with Snowflake.

    Snowflake Professional Services by Zehntech

    Snowflake Consulting Services

    We at Zehntech have a team of experts who provide advisory services to the organizations which help them understand their business challenges and develop strategies for overcoming them. Hence to fulfill your unique needs our experts will provide the best solutions which integrate with other systems. We will help you drive meaningful data insights.

    Snowflake Development Services

    Our experts will develop data warehouse environments on the Snowflake platform easily and affordably. We will understand your requirements, data sources, and other relevant information and provide custom development solutions that will be streamlined with your workflow and the services you provide.

    Snowflake Data Warehousing Services

    With our Snowflake development services, organizations will get the opportunity to warehouse data in a more flexible, faster, and easier way. We will provide cost-effective structures for your large data storage with Snowflake solutions. This will make you reach the project outcomes faster and more effectively.

    Snowflake Migration Services

    Zehntech has the expertise to provide data warehouse platform migration service from traditional / legacy to the more cost-effective data warehouse by Snowflake. The migration will be a cost-effective practice by our experts who have been providing the service for over a decade and has 100% client satisfaction.

    Snowflake Implementation

    From product evaluation to successful Snowflake implementation services, you will get full support from experts at Zehntech. The rapid value will be driven towards the customers through Snowflake implementation services. You will be served with the best possible cost-effective warehouse strategy.

    Snowflake Support & Maintenance

    Zehntech will provide you with robust Snowflake support and maintenance services. We will be at your back during and even after your Snowflake development, migration, or implementation services. Our experts are just a call away and will even be ready to train your employees to use the Snowflake warehouse for your daily purposes.

    Why Choose Zehntech for Snowflake Services?

    Experienced Developers

    From data analysis to implementation Zehntech has the expertise to provide superior on-demand Snowflake services with the help of a team of professionals. We have been providing flexible, agile, and robust Snowflake solutions to organizations.

    Technical Expertise

    Our developers have been trained over years to provide the needed technical expertise for Snowflake integration, implementation, and other related services. Your data warehousing or migration will be done with ease within minimal time and at affordable rates.

    24* 7 Support

    Our team of renowned Snowflake developers is ready to provide you with the required support at any time of the hour. We will be providing you with all the support and maintenance you need during and post-development as per the agreement.

    On-time Delivery

    Zehntech has a uniquely designed workflow pattern that we set as per the client’s deadlines, thus delivering you the project on or before time with 100% quality assurance and technical correctness.

    Snowflake Proves to be the Core Component of Business Intelligence

    Performance & Speed

    The query processing speed of Snowflake is commendable and lets you perform tasks like building multiple virtual warehouses, automatic query optimization, Automatic indexing, partitioning, etc.

    User-Friendly UI

    The unique benefit of using Snowflake is that it can be accessed by both coders and noncoders. Hence to support the noncoders or general users Snowflake uses Enzy SQL language.

    Pricing is On-Demand

    A snowflake is an affordable tool since it charges the users only for the amount of data that is being stored on it and the compute hours per minute you use. Also, if the data warehouse is inactive you don’t have to pay for it and thus you can set up the idle time.

    Highly Compatible

    Snowflake is considered highly compatible since it supports many programming languages like python, r, node js, etc., and allows you to query large data sets from multiple business intelligence tools like tableau or Einstein analytics.

    Null Administrative Cost

    Normally data warehouse tools come with administrative costs for auto-scaling warehousing size, auto suspends and data sharing but in Snowflake there is zero administrative cost, thus giving all these features to the users for free.

    Fluent Data Sharing

    With Snowflake, the user can easily share the data and thus allowing the data to flow fluently between the consumers and providers. The unique thing about this data-sharing functionality is that the recipient need not be a Snowflake client.

    No Requirement for Hardware or Software Installation

    With its uniquely designed features, Snowflake requires no hardware virtual or physical, and no software installation. Thus, Snowflake handles all the ongoing management, maintenance, and tunning directly.

    Complete Suit of Snowflake Data Management Features

    Standard & Extended SQL Support

    As an SQL-based data warehouse Snowflake imposes a specified data-defined language and data manipulation language commands used by SQL. If a user wishes to perform multiple operations, he can use data manipulation language commands by Snowflake and insert, merge, and muti merge the same. Hence for short-term data, you can set up temporary and transient tables through Snowflake also allowing the use of analytical functions for lateral views. As a result, to extend functionality users has the power to create user-defined functions.

    Web-Based GUI

    Users need to interact with the data cloud for which Snowflake provides a web interface to interact with the data cloud. It comes swath a web-based GUI. The best benefit offered by a web-based GUI is it allows users to manage accounts and other settings, resources can be monitored and along with this data can also be queried.

    Command Line Interface

    SnowSQL a python-based command-line interface is provided by Snowflake which helps in connecting to the data warehouse. All queries including data manipulation or data definition could be executed by this separate downloadable and installable terminal tool for loading and unloading data.

    High Data Protection & Security

    In order to comply with the regulatory guidelines, Snowflake allows users to set regions for data storage to comply with the regulatory guidelines. Along with this security, levels can be adjusted based on requirements. The access can be restricted in Snowflake and thus there can be criteria set up for who can access what.

    Bulk loading & Unloading data

    Snowflake allows users to load data from any given source or any format till the data uses a supported character in coding. The data can be from compressed files, AWS S3 data sources, local files, and flat data files like CSV and DSV data files in Avro, JSON, orc, backward, and XML formats. Along with this data can be loaded in patches in the Snowflake pipe within different stages.

    Rich Set of Client Connectors

    Users need connectors to connect with their data cloud and Snowflake provides a wide range of connectors and drivers. Python connector is one of the powerful client connectors by Snowflake. This is a programming interface for writing Python apps that connect to the snowflake. Some other examples are node.js driver, ODBC driver, etc.

    Why Choose Zehntech for Snowflake Services?

    Zehntech is counted among the pioneers of Snowflake development and has been serving clients for data warehousing, snowflake implementation, data analysis, etc. over years. We provide professional Snowflake services all over the globe and help organizations acquire the benefit of data automation and get value through data analysis and insights.

    Snowflake is one of the most recommended data warehouses is highly secure and provides encryption to the stored data hence making it accessed by only the ones who have the key. Being a popular cloud solution Snowflake never compromises the security of the data.

    Snowflake is the most popular cloud-based platform which provides huge benefits to the users enabling them to create data warehouses that make the data handling an easy and value-driven subject. Snowflake allows developers to make data-intensive applications with ease and reduces manual work.
    Snowflake is a popular data storage and management platform that serves multiple industries like manufacturing, healthcare, retail, etc. Snowflake is also being used by the government for data analytics and other storage to acquire some useful insights for further decisions.

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