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    Flexible Enterprise Workload Automation with Best Opensource JobScheduler


    Quick/short return on investment on new implementation or migration from an existing Workload or automation system.


    A time tested, proven, agent or agent-less Workload Automation platform – Job Scheduler Software Open Source

    The Enterprise JobScheduler is in continues development as the opensource project for last 10+ years
    with more than 140K downloads.


    Comprehensive Job Scheduling Architecture

    The JobScheduler architecture supports simple Job scheduling scenarios to complex heterogeneous IT process. JobScheduler can be a replacement for Linux Cron/Windows task scheduler or homegrown scheduling solutions, JobScheduler is equally suited for the cross-platform complex Calendar/Event-based workflows.

    JobScheduler JOC Cockpit​

    Jobscheduler scale as your IT operation grows, starting from single standalone instance controlling few workload processes to High availability cluster spread across data centers.

    JobScheduler Master​

    Implement JobScheduler as on-premise you have to install whole Jobscheduler environment in their premise, Cloud or hybrid Workload Automation system where you can use the service on cloud.

    JobScheduler Universal Agent

    The JobScheduler Universal Agent work with any platform which supports Oracle Java 1.8 or newer. The A JUA is platform independent execution component which executes!

    JobScheduler Workload Automation Tool User Interface

    JobScheduler - Workload Automation Tool

    JobScheduler Key Features

    The JobScheduler is an open source scheduling solution for workload automation. The JobScheduler provides standalone jobs and job chains for running a single task and combination of tasks (workflows) respectively. The database procedures, executable files, shell scripts can be launched automatically by JobScheduler. It provides high availability and load sharing cluster operations and can be operated on a number of platforms.

    Responsive Modern Web Interface​​

    The JobScheduler Operations Center (JOC) Cockpit is the web interface which allows a user to operate a number of JobSchedulers and access information about the jobs and orders.

    Role-based Fine grande access​​

    The JobScheduler Operations Center (JOC) Cockpit is the web interface which allows a user to operate a number of JobSchedulers and access information about the jobs and orders.

    High Availability Cluster Setup

    The JobScheduler provides two high availability cluster operations, Active for load-balancing and Passive to provide backup and fail-over functions.

    Notification and System Monitor interface​

    The monitoring interface provides an efficient means of monitoring JobScheduler objects via E-mail or Monitoring Systems to report job failures and recovery.

    Linux or Windows Platform Supportable​​

    The JobScheduler supports Linux and Windows platforms for Master and JOC Cockpit, whereas the Universal agent can be operated on any platform with a Java Virtual Machine.

    LDAP or Active Directory integration

    JOC Cockpit uses LDAP directory service for authentication and authorization. LDAP query can be used to generates roles with the different set of Permissions.

    Integrated Managed File Transfer

    YADE is used as a file transfer tool with JobScheduler to automate complex file transfer workflows. It includes file transfer with SFTP, FTP, FTPS servers etc.
    Zehntech Advantage

    Zehntech is certified Implementation and Consulting partner for SOS Berlin company behind the OpenSource JobScheduler.

    The Zehntech has unique competency of contributing development code in OpenSource JobScheduler, long experience of Implementation, Migration, and Training of JobScheduler Workload automation platform.

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    Workload Automation Tool JobScheduler FAQs


    There are a lot of operations that a business has to process. The total amount of processing that needs to be performed is known as workload. However, most of this workload is very routine and can be easily performed through software without any human intervention. Workload automation is the process of automating these operations so that they can be performed without any manual intervention and the human resources can be used for other more important, strategic tasks.

    JobScheduler is a tool which helps to automate routine tasks and jobs. You can use it to automatically perform tasks such as database maintenance. All you have to do with a jobscheduler is trigger an event and then the job will get completed automatically, on its own without any human intervention.

    Although both the terms, JobScheduler and Workload Automation are often used interchangeably, there is a difference between them. JobScheduler automates only particular jobs, while workload automation can automate the complete operations of an organization. Simply put, workload automation supports a lot more features than jobscheduler and is an advanced version of jobscheduling tools.

    It usually does not take much time to execute a workload automation request. You can expect your work to be executed within 3days. The duration generally depends on the complexity of the task or process requested to be executed.

    Any task which is of a routine nature and does not require human intervention such as file transfer, database management, IT jobs, sending reports, etc., can me automated.

    JobScheduler Open Source Software is amazing to bring ease and efficiency in your operations and workflows with automation. It can be used by triggering an event and then the job will get completed automatically. For knowing more about how to use open source job scheduler, it is best that you view tutorials related to it or take the necessary and relevant training.

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