Flexible Enterprise Workload Automation with Opensource JobScheduler

Quick/short return on investment on new implementation or migration from an existing Workload or automation system.
A time tested, proven, agent or agent-less Workload automation platform.

The JobScheduler is in continues development as the opensource project for last 10+ years with more than 140K downloads.

Comprehensive Job Scheduling Architecture

The JobScheduler architecture supports simple Job scheduling scenarios to complex heterogeneous IT process. JobScheduler can be a replacement for Linux Cron/Windows task scheduler or homegrown scheduling solutions, JobScheduler is equally suited for the cross-platform complex Calendar/Event-based workflows.

JobScheduler JOC Cockpit

Jobscheduler scale as your IT operation grows, starting from single standalone instance controlling few workload processes to High availability cluster spread across data centers.

JobScheduler Master

Implement JobScheduler as on-premise you have to install whole Jobscheduler enviorment in their premise, Cloud or hybrid Workload Automation system where you can use the service on cloud.

Jobscheduler Universal Agent

The JobScheduler Universal Agent work with any platform which supports Oracle Java 1.8 or newer. The A JUA is platform independent execution component which executes!

Managed File transfer component YADE

The JobScheduler bundle powerfull Managed File transfer component YADE which help reduce the time required to implement File transfer workflow
YADE provide point-to-point File Transfer across FTP/FTPS/SFTP/WebDAV or download files from HTTP/HTTPS Sites Central History.
As JobScheduler component YADE can be integrated as MFT steps for complex data processing workflows in the JobScheduler.

JobScheduler Operation Center

JobScheduler Operation Center enables IT staff to managing JobScheduler from a responsive modern browser interface. The JOC ensure the information presented to users can be controlled by fine grain permissions on Folders and JobScheduler objects.

JobScheduler Integrated Template library

The JobScheduler Integrated Template library come with readymade jobs starting from database script execution, remote SSH execution or sending emails with attachments.

JobScheduler monitoring interface

JThe integrated JobScheduler monitoring interface notifies success, error or delay by email; the monitoring interface integrates with existing system monitors such as Nagios/Op5 or Zabbix.

Key Features

The JobScheduler is an open source scheduling solution for workload automation. The JobScheduler provides standalone jobs and job chains for running a single task and combination of tasks (workflows) respectively. The database procedures, executable files, shell scripts can be launched automatically by JobScheduler. It provides high availability and load sharing cluster operations and can be operated on a number of platforms.

Zehntech Advantage

Zehntech is certified Implementation and Consulting partner for SOS Berlin company behind the OpenSource JobScheduler.

The Zehntech has unique competency of contributing development code in OpenSource JobScheduler, long experience of Implementation, Migration, and Training of JobScheduler Workload automation platform.

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