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Default Terms & Conditions Odoo App

Streamline Document Creation with Centralized Default Terms & Conditions Odoo App
Streamline your document creation process by centralizing and customizing default terms and conditions for purchase orders, sale orders, and invoices. With our solution, you can easily modify these terms and conditions from the settings, ensuring consistency and efficiency in generating documents. Additionally, you can enhance your documents further by using the ‘Unified Terms & Conditions’ app to incorporate specific terms and conditions, making your content more streamlined and standardized.
default terms condition Odoo App
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Why Choose Default Terms & Conditions Odoo Module?

Say goodbye to the hassle of managing default terms and conditions across purchase orders, sale orders, and invoices. Our solution offers a centralized and flexible approach, allowing you to easily customize these terms and conditions directly from the settings. With our innovative solution, the entire process is streamlined, making it effortless to make changes on the fly. Our software ensures reliability and user-friendliness, simplifying the document creation process. Benefit from centralized customization and control, ensuring that your documents consistently meet your company’s standards without any fuss.
  • Centralized Management.
  • Consistency Across Documents.
  • Effortless Modification.
  • Enhanced Efficiency.
  • Adaptable to Business Needs.

Default Terms & Conditions Odoo App - Version Compatibility

  1. Odoo Version 16.0
  2. Odoo Version 17.0

Key Features of Default Terms & Conditions Odoo Module

Centralized Management

This connector bridges Power BI and Odoo, letting you analyze and visualize your data within a single platform. No more switching apps - gain insights seamlessly.

One-Click Workspace Creation

Create new workspaces in Power BI with a single click and effortlessly import existing ones into your Odoo system, eliminating manual setup and ensuring smooth data flow.

One-Click Dataset Creation

Setting up a Power BI Dataset with tables is incredibly simple. With just a single click, you can establish the entire dataset, eliminating the need for a lengthy and complex setup process.

Model-Agnostic Data Upload

This feature lets you easily import data from any Odoo model into Power BI, bringing together information from various sources for deeper analysis.

Effortless Data Upload

This feature makes adding data to tables incredibly easy. With just a single click, you can upload your data, eliminating the need for complex procedures.

Seamless Integration of Dashboards and Reports

Importing dashboards is effortless with our platform. Switch platforms or update your analytics with just a few clicks, ensuring seamless integration and continued access to your visualizations. Ditch the data transfer headaches and enjoy a smooth importing experience.

Filtering Data by Domain for Uploading Records

Using a domain filter before uploading data ensures only relevant information gets included, protecting data integrity and saving storage space. This leads to better analysis and decision-making across databases, websites, and applications.

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Streamline Workflows & Boost Efficiency

Ready to optimize your workforce management ? Experience Default Terms & Conditions Odoo Module Now!

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