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Odoo Gantt App CRM
Odoo App

Streamline Boost your Odoo CRM Pipeline Management with Gantt Charts

The Odoo Gantt App CRM is an effective solution crafted to simplify pipeline management in the Odoo CRM module. Boasting an easy-to-use interface and comprehensive functionalities, it empowers users to seamlessly arrange, visualize, and monitor their pipelines through a Gantt view. With straightforward instructions, users can adeptly oversee their pipelines and boost efficiency within the Odoo ecosystem.

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Why Choose Odoo Gantt App CRM Odoo Module?

Streamline your CRM pipeline with Odoo Gantt App!

This powerful app seamlessly integrates with Odoo’s CRM module, offering a clear and intuitive interface to manage your sales pipeline. See your progress in real-time with a visual representation of each stage, allowing you to make informed decisions faster. Odoo Gantt App streamlines your workflows within a unified platform, helping you maximize efficiency and close more deals.

Odoo Gantt App CRM Odoo App - Version Compatibility

  1. Odoo Version 16.0
  2. Odoo Version 17.0

Key Features of Odoo Gantt App CRM Odoo Module

Access Gantt View

Users have a simple way to reach the Gantt view in the CRM module by just tapping on the Gantt icon. This gives them a single place to manage their pipeline.

Utilize Full Screen Mode

Users have the option to switch to full-screen mode simply by clicking a button, which helps them concentrate on their pipeline data without any interruptions.

Updating Pipelines

You can easily change the dates of tasks in the Gantt view by dragging them to different dates. This makes scheduling production more flexible and adaptable.

Efficient Pipeline Creation

The app permits individuals to swiftly generate fresh pipelines by simply tapping the "Create" button visible on the Gantt view interface. This functionality enables users to input necessary details with ease and store them without hassle.

Grouping, Filtering, and Favorites

Efficiently arrange your data by grouping, filtering, and marking favorites in the Gantt view. Just like in other views such as list and kanban, users have the flexibility to tailor their view to meet their individual needs.

Creating New Pipelines

People have the ability to generate fresh records simply by dragging them onto a spot on the timeline. This makes managing pipelines easy and straightforward.

View Options

People have the ability to toggle between various perspectives like daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly, offering a wider understanding of their pipeline engagements and schedules. Navigation through the timeline is facilitated with uncomplicated 'Next' and 'Previous' buttons, supplemented by a 'Today' button for swift access to the present date.

Editing and Deleting Pipelines

When you click twice on a timeline, you're given the ability to make changes or remove pipelines as required. You have the freedom to tweak specifics, alter the beginning and ending dates, and effortlessly save any adjustments you make.

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Streamline Workflows & Boost Efficiency

Ready to optimize your workforce management ? Experience Odoo Gantt App CRM Odoo Module Now!

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