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Odoo Gantt App Manufacturing Odoo App

Boost Manufacturing Efficiency with Visual Project Tracking

Imagine a powerful tool that simplifies managing your entire production process. Odoo’s Manufacturing Gantt app brings this vision to life. By integrating seamlessly with Odoo’s ERP system, this app offers a clear, visual interface based on Gantt charts. This lets you plan, track, and analyze your manufacturing projects with ease. The result? Streamlined operations and a significant boost in overall productivity for your business.

odoo gantt app manufacturing Odoo App
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Why Choose Odoo Gantt App Manufacturing Odoo Module?

Odoo’s Gantt view empowers manufacturers to streamline production processes. Imagine a clear picture of your project timelines, easily editable and viewable with Gantt charts. This intuitive interface lets you plan, adjust, and visualize production flow, ensuring tasks are completed on time and resources are used optimally. Odoo integrates seamlessly with other manufacturing functions, creating a unified system for managing your entire operation. This translates to greater productivity and a more efficient organization.

Odoo Gantt App Manufacturing Odoo App - Version Compatibility

  1. Odoo Version 16.0
  2. Odoo Version 17.0

Key Features of Odoo Gantt App Manufacturing Odoo Module

Access Gantt View

The Manufacturing module offers a handy Gantt view, accessible with a click on the Gantt icon. This view transforms your production schedule into a visual timeline, making it much easier to plan your operations and allocate resources effectively.

Create and Manage Projects

Simply click the "Create" button and enter the key details for your project. Once saved, it will automatically appear in the Gantt chart view, giving you a clear picture of your project timeline and allowing you to easily track progress.

Utilize Full Screen Mode

For a clear view of your production schedule, jump into full screen mode with just a click. This handy feature lets you ditch any distractions and fully immerse yourself in the Gantt chart, giving you a complete understanding of your manufacturing timeline.

Grouping, Filtering, and Favorites

Leverage the Gantt view for streamlined data organization. Group, filter, and mark favorites to focus on what matters most, and just like with list and kanban views, customize the layout to perfectly match your workflow.

Creating New Entries

Users can create new work orders directly within the Gantt chart by dragging on the timeline. This intuitive feature simplifies adding new production tasks to the schedule. After dragging, users can enter details like duration and assigned resources.

Updating Entries

Drag and drop tasks on the Gantt chart to effortlessly update their schedules. This intuitive approach empowers you to adapt your production plan quickly, keeping your project on track and responsive to change.

View Options

Easy navigation! View your manufacturing schedule by day, week, month, or year. Jump back to today or navigate with "Next" and "Previous" buttons.

Editing and Deleting Entries

Effortlessly edit or delete entries directly within Gantt view. Simply double-click on any timeline to edit it or use the respective edit and delete buttons for quick modifications or removal.

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Master Your Manufacturing Workflow

Ready to optimize your manufacturing workflow ? Experience Odoo Gantt App Manufacturing Odoo Module Now!

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