WordPress Theme Development Services

Let's Develop a Custom Theme For Your WordPress Platform!

We have a team of experienced WordPress experts, who are happy to help you in develop custom WordPress theme.

    Online presence through a functional website has become an important tool for the businesses to enhance their visibility and scale up their operations. But you cannot create this presence by just any basic website.

    The competition is stiff, and you need to create a niche for yourself. So, your website needs to be unique and something that supports your business model. And you can get that with our robust WordPress Theme Development Services catered by our experienced and expert team of WordPress Developers. 

    Create Unique Identity for Your Business With WordPress Theme Development

    A theme and design is what sets the look of your complete website and you need to keep it highly attractive and appealing. And though there are a lot of such themes readily available on the WordPress platform, picking out those themes will not be a very wise decision after all. Why? Because these themes are used on millions of websites out there and do not offer anything new. So, although attractive, these themes lack the unique appeal in them. And what you want is to offer your visitors a new and refreshing look on your website, something that they will distinctly remember. So, WordPress Theme Development becomes the best course of action for you. 

    A website theme developed right from scratch will offer the uniqueness that you want on your website to stand out amongst the crowd and create your own niche in the marketplace. Moreover, you have the liberty to design this theme as per your wishes. So, you can conveniently incorporate the needs and requirements of your business in the theme and come up with something that perfectly resembles your business model. 

    Our WordPress Theme Development Services

    We offer the most extensive of WordPress Theme Development Services covering every single area and aspect of website development and designing.

    Custom Theme

    Have your WordPress theme developed right from scratch as per your business requirements and needs with our custom theme development services. With our services, you can have the most unique and appealing themes that match your business model and deliver fantastic user experiences.

    WordPress Theme Customization

    Have your already existing WordPress themes customized as per your business model and give a fresh, new, and more appealing look to your website with our WordPress theme customization services. With such theme customization, you can amazingly enhance the user experiences on your website.

    Theme Installation and

    Have your custom WordPress theme installed on your website seamlessly and effortlessly with our WordPress theme installation and setup services. We put up the complete theme on your website and also configure it for the necessary plugins and other functionalities on the website so that you can manage it efficiently without any difficulties.

    Support and Maintenance Services

    Have your custom WordPress theme always maintained and protected from bugs and other errors with our continuous support and maintenance services where we continuously monitor your themes and make constant improvements in them to enhance their appeal and leave out better user experiences.

    Why Zehntech?

    We have a well-defined approach to developing a WordPress theme for your website that will work amazingly to create a niche for your business in the marketplace and leave out fantastic user experiences.

    Well-Experienced Team

    We have a team of dedicate, experienced, and expert professionals who are well versed with every aspect of the WordPress Theme Development and Designing process as well as the complete platform as a whole. With their skills, knowledge, experience, expertise, and passion, our team delivers you the most robust theme for your website perfectly suiting your business model

    Well-Defined Process

    We have a well-defined process and strategy to go on with your project. With that strategy, we can plan and perform the tasks better while keeping a constant communication with you and maintaining the deadlines and timelines for the delivery of the project. With that, you can be sure that you will have your website ready with a beautiful theme right on the time you have been expecting.

    Reasonable Costing

    We offer our services at the most reasonable and pocket-friendly prices. So, with us, you get quality and that too in a budget.

    All-time Support

    We are always available for our customers on calls, messages, and emails to help them with their queries and problems.

    WordPress Theme Development Services FAQs


    The time required totally depends on your needs and requirements as regards the theme and customization. We need to discuss and analyze your project and then we can come to an estimated time frame. So, get in touch and let us discuss your project and come to a reasonable time frame to complete your website and help you scale and expand. 

    Just like the time, the cost also depends on your needs and requirements. We offer our services at the most reasonable costs that we can determine after analyzation of your website and your business requirements. So, get in touch for a discussion and then we can quote you the most economic price.

    You shall have the complete ownership and authority over source code created by us for the development of the theme for your website and you can use this source code as you please.

    Want to build Custom WordPress Theme?

    If yes then our WordPress experts can help you to build a customized theme with all latest modern UI and easy to use admin panel to manage the content.

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