Odoo ERP Development Services

Harness the Potential of Odoo ERP System To Smoothly Run Your Business!

We have a team of experienced Odoo experts, who are happy to help you in Odoo customization and development.

    Reap the Unmatched Advantage of Odoo, a Scalable and Secure Solution

    Odoo acts as a supermarket of solutions through which you can streamline your business activities.  With Odoo, businesses can build the right solutions that advance their business to increase the ROI. With the power of encompassing several departments Odoo provides a suite of enterprise management applications, addressing small, medium, and multinational enterprises. 

    With regard to Odoo ERP, Zehntech serves the users with the best customization and implementation services. Thus, with the completion of a decade in the industry Zehntech has earned credibility and reliability at its peak. Your strategized business goals are our priority and our technical experts are trained to provide you with the same. Seize our world-class enterprise solutions by using Odoo business management software.


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    Power up Your Business with our Odoo Services

    We understand the varying business needs and thus try to provide personalized solutions. Our Odoo services are recommended around the globe with 99% client retention rate because we focus on future needs with current solutions. 

    Odoo Website Development

    With the most popular open-source Odoo web framework, we will take your business to the next level with our website design and development services. The solutions we provide leveraging the advanced benefits of Odoo are customized as per your business needs. Your website will be developed with rich designs, a top-class user experience, and a responsive interface that suits best with your niche. 

    At Zehntech our Developers:

    • Will use Odoo web structures to develop websites as per the customer’s needs.
    • We plan for the perfect site and execution is started after that.
    • For the Odoo content administration framework we have a full analysis and discussion.
    • Execution of the wide scope of new elements to broaden the functionalities of the Odoo site.
    • Odoo site we build has no chance of improvements since we follow complete testing norms.

    Odoo Mobile App Development

    Mobile is the need of the hour, and its expanded use has made the building of applications a vast field of opportunity to cater to the market.

    We, at Zehntech, create versatile applications. These are built as per your needs and the platforms you prefer to choose.

    • We are continuously delivering mobile-based applications with tailored features and functionality specially designed for your customers.
    • Our Odoo app development services are not limited to any particular set of people we build for both Android and iOS users.
    • We are known industry experts for developing Odoo mobile apps.
    • In the event that you haven’t begun pondering the force of versatile innovation for your business. The time has finally come.

    Odoo Integration

    Zehntech runs a consistent Odoo integration procedure while keeping your information safe and making it work with practically no error. Presently, you can undoubtedly coordinate your Odoo with CRM and bookkeeping with the assistance of our specialists.

    Zehntech provides the best Odoo Integration Service for any business need. It communicates with outsider programming to give a full range of business applications to assist you with overseeing deals, CRM, eCommerce, and favoring a solitary stage. As an Odoo Development Company, we offer complete help with stock administration, deals request coordination, POS mix, and other equivalent capacities for your eCommerce site.

    Odoo Module Development

    We understand the business needs are separate for all and thus we provide custom Odoo modules with dynamic elements that broaden your store’s usefulness. Execute exactly what you want by adding more elements utilizing our Odoo module advancement administrations. Our skilled Odoo Developers make exceptional Odoo modules that are adaptable and vigorous. These exclusively made modules can without much of a stretch be incorporated into your current business work process. With Odoo module improvement administration, we can build Odoo development solutions with adaptable elements to help grow your eCommerce abilities.

    Odoo Migration Services

    With the increased completion there is also a need for you to upgrade your technologies and maintain the pace of advancement. At Zehntech, we handle the migration to meet our clients’ necessities with proper analysis and expertise. 

    Our Odoo Migration Services Involves:

    • Thorough analysis and planning
    • Determining all the possible solutions
    • Taking the backup of complete data ensuring no data loss.
    • Executing the migration along with implementing all the necessary measures.
    • Testing the site after migration to ensure an error-free outcome.

    Odoo Implementation

    Odoo ERP has turned into the main instrument for overseeing day-to-day business activities. In the present profoundly aggressive business climate, we at Zehntech offer the magnificent Odoo Implementation Service. Our specialists center around accomplishing productivity and viability with a solid methodology. We execute in reliable ways and guarantee a smooth execution.

    Odoo execution by our expert team of Odoo developers will save time, and assets and defeat expected obstacles. We will streamline your workflow with the Odoo implementation service to ensure a scalable solution for running smoothly with your other business operations.

    Odoo Themes Development

    Zehntech provides world-class theme development services to a variety of niches. Thus having a custom theme for your business is easy and affordable with our Odoo theme development services. serves Odoo theme development to clients across the globe. Our Odoo engineers can prepare Odoo themes for the front-end and back-end according to your necessities.

    The Odoo theme development services include:

    • Adding new elements and layers to the Odoo theme making your site quite captivating.
    • Our theme development is not limited to the backend we also work on improving execution, stacking time, and SEO.
    • We frequently train our experts to make them viable with outsider modules on your Odoo.

    Odoo Customization Services

    Odoo is a set-up of business applications that assist an association with scaling consistently. Ordinarily, a business needs to extend its limits, for which it needs an ERP framework that grows with it. This is where Odoo Customization Services comes into the picture.

    • Not just big but our target is to fulfill the needs of each and every enterprise’s Odoo needs.
    • Your database is the center of execution and we work to make it run smoothly.
    • Our assistance will provide new and improved functionalities.
    • We will assemble Modules from Scratch for you.
    • We will facilitate Odoo utilization and extend its convenience through completely tried customizations for every one of our clients according to their solicitations.

    Odoo POS Development

    Even after an increased number of online stores and a sudden shift to the eCommerce world, there are people who still prefer to visit stores and view products physically before purchasing the same. 

    • Zehntech will help you get Odoo POS development which allows you to complete the sale in seconds.
    • With our Odoo POS development service your time, workload, and efforts will be reduced with greater returns.
    • We believe in creating client-driven modules for Odoo POS.
    • Customization is our core expertise and thus we deal with customization needs to provide the right solution.

    Odoo Multi-Platform Integration Services

    Odoo empowers you with a central solution to handle your multiple platforms. Thus you will get easy connectivity between your platforms. 

    That is how Odoo can help you. Furthermore, this is where we come in…

    • We will provide an organized structure to let you connect with multiple platforms seamlessly.
    • We analyze the market and its need to provide the best cross-functional abilities to your Odoo.
    • Again, the services we offer will be affordable and customizable with full support.

    Connect With Zehntech & Get an Edge Over your Competition

    Upgraded Innovations

    We provide the greatest Odoo Development Services with the latest upgraded technologies accompanied by innovative solutions.

    On-Time Support

    Our outcomes are awesome, but our support is something our clients choose us for, and thus at Zehntech you will receive 24*7 support services.

    Proficient Professionals

    Zehntech has a team of renowned developers who have been working in this field for over years. Thus their involvement and passion in your project success will result in an increased ROI. 

    Cutting Edge Solutions

    Our services are tailored with a complete analysis of your business needs with immense care and thus our solutions are fully flagged.

    Assured ROI

    In the end, we all, wish to gain the desired result and thus our solutions and services will bring you closer to your success.


    We are focused on accomplishing extraordinary outcomes and our services are driven toward the desired results.

    Odoo Technology Stack


    • PostgreSQL


    • Odoo

    Version Control

    • GitHub


    • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
    • Docker
    • Azure
    • Odoo. Sh


    • Python
    • JavaScript
    • jQuery

    Project Management Tools

    • Odoo Project Management Tool

    Odoo FAQs


    If you wish to get an upgraded number of results from your eCommerce store the best solution will be Odoo for sure. This also helps in improving the productivity of the store.

    Being an Open-source ERP software Odoo is based on Python language. Hence unlike other ERP solutions, you can completely customize Odoo as much as possible with the available source code.

    Being an open ERP solution Odoo is the most preferred one. In order to add power and flexibility to your organization, you need to integrate Odoo. This will ensure a customized ERP solution for your needs.

    ERPs are present in multiple formats but to get one that is easy to integrate, increases employee productivity, and doesn’t hinder the growth of a company is what we provide with the help of Odoo development and customization.

    Odoo provides a multiple set of integrations like Ecommerce, Payment Gateways, Accounting, Data Integration, Utility Integration, etc.

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