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    Have Everything Handy with Powerful Mobile Apps

    Mobiles are devices in everyone’s hand today and people find them handy for accessing the smallest of things. Be it a website or an application, the first thing they will use to explore it is their mobile phone. So, mobile app development simply helps you connect better with your audience by being more easily accessible and available for them. Have the mobile applications you need to create your niche in market with mobile app development services from Zehntech!

    Delivering Stellar Mobile Applications to Enhance Your Availability and Accessibility

    Mobile App Development market is on the boom today. With the increasing inclination of people towards using their mobile phones for the smallest of their needs, businesses have been keen to leverage the mobile technologies. People prefer using mobile applications to websites or desktop applications, so it is only wise for the businesses to adapt to this new and introduce mobile applications to grab their potential customers.

    We, at Zehntech Technologies work on the development and customization of stellar mobile applications for all industry verticals over different platforms and technologies. Whatever be your need for mobile app development, our mobile app development services can help!

    Benefits of Mobile Development​

    Mobile App Development is at its core in bringing higher efficiencies to the businesses and leading the path of growth and success for them by catering to better and higher reach to the potential customers. With these capabilities, there are a bucket of benefits that organizations can leverage with mobile app development.

    Enhances Business Performance

    A mobile application caters to the needs of all, customers as well as employees. The data gets streamlined onto one single application and helps in carrying out the operations smoothly. Your customers are able to know you better through your app. All this opens up new opportunities for your business, provide better productivity and ultimately your business performance is enhanced.

    Better Connectivity through Easy Accessibility

    Mobile applications are easily accessible. The users can use your mobile app at any time from any place. This makes the users stay connected to you and you too can closely observe your users’ requirement and provide them exactly what they want.

    Higher Maintenance at a Lower Cost

    The costs of developing a mobile app are generally low, in the context of time as well. Mobile apps can be built very quickly, in no time at very reasonable costs and they are easy to maintain. Since everything is on one single app, you do not have to manage multiple things. So, a mobile app has a dual benefit of giving smooth workflows with easy maintenance at minimal costs.

    Mobile App Development Services

    We have robust, functional, and extensive mobile development services for all industry verticals. We work across different mobile app development types, technologies, and platforms to provide you the most efficient mobile development services.

    Mobile Development Types

    There are several ways in which you can carry out mobile app development. Our developers have years of industry expertise and experience in developing mobile applications of all types to bring scalability and profitability in your organization.

    Native Mobile App Development

    Have dedicated applications built over iOS or android from our expert developers who have excellent knowledge and expertise in working with languages like Swift, C, and Java to develop scalable native applications for mobile devices.

    Hybrid Mobile App Development

    Have a blend of native and progressive web apps with hybrid app development to combine cross platform capabilities that can conveniently work in all environments and bring scalability and profitability to your business.

    Wearables and Embedded Software

    The trend is towards use of applications in wearable device by embedding software in them. We have our developers creating and developing companion applications and software for such devices and other wearable peripherals.

    Mobile Development Technologies

    There are several technologies that mobile devices use and mobile applications can be developed for each of these technologies. We have developers who hold years of industry experience and expertise in working with different mobile development technologies to deliver stellar apps for all kind of mobile devices irrespective of the operating system they use.

    iOS Mobile App Development

    We hold expertise in developing and delivering fully-fledged mobile applications for the iOS, compatible with all apple devices to provide the users amazing experiences as they look out for capabilities on their phones.

    Android Mobile App Development

    We have experts with extensive knowledge about the latest technologies and updates in android which they use to create stellar android applications that cater to better connectivity with your audiences and establish strong business presence.

    Cross-Platform App Development

    We hold expertise in developing and customizing cross platform applications that are compatible with all operating systems and provide the users ease and flexibility in using the applications as per the operating system their device uses.

    Progressive Web App Development

    Have native-like app capabilities along with install ability with progressive web app development which delivers applications that can be accessed easily at user’s convenience from any place at any time from any device.

    Industries We Work With

    Mobile Applications are useful for industries in all verticals. We engage ourselves in working across sectors and industries to help organizations scale their business with functional mobile applications.


    A mobile application can will go a long way in creating digital presence for the construction industry. Additionally, they can use digitalized means to bring efficiency in the designs and construction work with the effective use of technology.

    Technology has a major scope in the healthcare sector with the use of healthcare learning management systems and telemedicine solutions. Having mobile applications will provide a better reach and make healthcare more accessible for doctors as well as patients.

    Digital Marekting

    People do online shopping using their mobile phones, so having a mobile application for your e-commerce business is going to bring amazing capabilities for you scaling your business, bringing more sales than ever, and enhancing your profitability.

    Be more available to the investors and help them with better management of their finances, funds, and portfolios with efficient mobile applications for the Fintech industry.

    Information Technology

    It is easier for the customers to book their travels and stays in clicks of mobile. Make your travel and hospitality services more available by offering them over functional and scalable mobile applications.

    Mobile applications for fitness can help the users keep better track of their fitness levels and stay close to their fitness goals. The applications will help the organizations providing fitness solutions provide better services to their clients. 

    Information Technology

    With the growing importance of plastic money and online banking solutions, mobile applications come in very useful for the banking sector to bring banking at hands for the customers and provide them better user experiences. 

    Mobile Development Platforms

    Mobile App Development can be done on several platforms and every platform has different capabilities to offer. We have developers working with different mobile development platforms to deliver the most robust mobile applications that cater to higher accessibility and help you connect better with your audience.


    We have experienced flutter developers who develop and customize excellent mobile applications over flutter with native app performance, user-friendly UI/UX designs, and scalable features.


    We have developers experienced in working over the Cordova mobile application development framework to deliver functional mobile applications using CSS3, JavaScript, and HTML5, so that you can use applications without being dependent on specific APIs.


    We have experienced developers with expert knowledge about HTML5 and Ionic using which they deliver native-styled mobile applications with amazing user interface to cater to brilliant user experiences.

    Try Our Mobile App Development Services!

    Create Personalised presence in your customer’s day to day life with Mobile App Development services. Talk to out Mobile App Development experts to get best Mobile solution for your business.

    Mobile Development Services FAQs


    There can be no perfect answer to this question. On one hand mobile app development can seem to be extremely costly, on the other, you can be getting done with it at minimal costs. The costs will generally depend on your requirements. The pricing revolves around a number of factors that need to be analyzed first. We can get into a discussion, plan the project, and we shall provide you a fully customized and affordable mobile app development package well suited to your business model, requirements, and expectations.

    This depends on a number of factors. Analyze your business and its requirements. Ask yourself questions such as who is my target audience, what are my services, how will the mobile app benefit my business, what do my users’ expect, etc. You also need to look into your budget for mobile app development and other security implications. On finding answers to these questions, explore different platforms and choose the one that ticks most of your requirements based on the answers you settled at upon your analysis.

    This depends on the kind of mobile app you have planned for your business. A basic app will take less time, but as functionalities enhance and you go towards more advanced solutions, the time to market increases. However, mobile app development generally has low time to market and you will have it developed in real quick timelines. You can discuss your project and have the timelines decided accordingly.

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