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Healthcare Learning Management System

Achieve Ease and Flexibility in Fulfilling Medical Training Requirements

As medical practitioners, you always have to keep yourself updated with the latest trends, developments, and advancements in medical science. Medical laws demand that medical and healthcare practitioners undergo certain trainings on a continuous basis.

However, fulfilling these requirements with the hectic schedule encompassing your medical practice is difficult. Healthcare Learning Management System (LMS) overcome the barriers to fulfilling the training requirements by providing easy and flexible e-learning solutions at your convenience. 

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Enhancing Medical Practices With Efficient E-Learning Solutions

Healthcare Industry keeps growing with continuous medical advancements and evolutions. With emerging technologies, new equipment, treatment methodologies and techniques, medicines and drugs, etc., keep getting introduced in field of medicine. The doctors and healthcare practitioners must stay updated about all these advancements and developments. They continuously need to go through training to gain knowledge about the new medical tools and equipment and other treatment methodologies and learn their use so that they may incorporate them into their practice and enhance the experiences for their patients. 


Additionally, medical laws in various countries set forth mandatory training requirements to be undergone and completed by the healthcare practitioners at regular intervals so as to keep their status as practicing healthcare professional active. 


However, with the number of patients coming in and out of the healthcare clinics and medical facilities, doctors and healthcare practitioners run a hectic schedule and it is difficult for them to spare time for undergoing the trainings, especially if they are under the traditional classroom teaching setting. E-learning has given an effective and efficient solution to this barrier in learning for the healthcare professionals. 


With the use of Learning Management Systems, healthcare and medical practitioners can easily enroll for online training and courses and take them at their comfort and convenience from any place, at any time, and through any device. 


We, at Zehntech, have our skilled and experienced developers working on development of robust and functional Healthcare LMS that best cater to the e-learning needs of the healthcare industry and serve for efficient training, knowledge, and skill development for doctors and healthcare professionals thereby bringing higher value to their medical practice and better experiences for their patients. 


Healthcare Learning Management System​ Features

We provide the most functional and feature-rich Healthcare LMS that add value to the medical practices with skill and knowledge enhancement. 

User Friendly

We design and deploy the healthcare LMS with a easy to understand and simple user interface, keeping user-friendliness in mind to provide exceptional learning experiences through easier understanding of the platform and application.


We design the Healthcare LMS software with highly customizable features and functionalities to provide personalized experiences. 


Our Healthcare LMS is designed with responsive and mobile-friendly features to provide convenience in taking courses via any device with the same experiences. 

Audio and Video Conferencing

Our Healthcare LMS are designed with audio and video conferencing features for live classes, sessions, and video tutorials and trainings, to provide more visual experiences.

HIPAA Compliant

Our Healthcare LMS are HIPAA compliant and keep in line with all the necessary medical guidelines, norms, rules, regulations, laws, and procedures. 

User Dashboard

Our Healthcare LMS is designed with a feature rich user dashboard which keeps record of the courses enrolled and taken and detailed analytics and reports to track progress and make improvements. 

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Why Healthcare LMS?

Healthcare LMS transform the medical experiences for the patients by helping the healthcare professionals build and enhance their skills and knowledge. 

Fulfilling Training Requirements

Healthcare professionals need to fulfill certain training requirements to keep up the active status of their practice. Healthcare LMS transform the ways doctors do that by easing out the process for them with providing more ease, convenience, and flexibility in taking training. 

Cost Efficient

Healthcare LMS come as a cost-efficient solution by eliminating the need for hardware. With the audio and video features, healthcare LMS provide excellent visual and practical learning experiences without any investments in tools and equipment or need for setting up infrastructure. 

Save Time

Since the courses can be taken at your own convenience at any time and from any place, you can save time on commute as well as manage taking the courses and sessions as per your time convenience and schedules.

Why Zehntech?

We leverage the best platforms for the creation of scalable healthcare LMS software that help enhance the medical practice of healthcare professionals through skill development.

Expert and Professional Team

We have a team of expert and professional developers who hold expertise at creating and developing the most functional and customizable healthcare LMS. 

Leveraging Best Platforms

Our expert developers hold expertise in leveraging the best platforms like LearnDash, WordPress, etc., for creating the healthcare LMS.

Dedicated Project Management

We dedicate a project manager to you who constantly updates on the status and progress of your project, takes your feedbacks and works on them, and delivers the project as per expectations within the decided timeframe. 

Affordable Pricing

You can start using our healthcare LMS and other healthcare LMS development services at the most affordable pricing which gives full value for the investments you make.

Round the Clock Support

We provide you round the clock support for all your queries and issues encompassing the healthcare LMS and fix them instantaneously to provide you uninterrupted learning experiences. 

Success Stories

Corporations & ventures have felt a prodigious difference during and after collaborating with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Healthcare LMS is a e-learning solution focused on the healthcare industry providing medical courses and training for skill development of medical and healthcare professionals and to help them meet their training requirements with ease and convenience. 

We keep the choice of platform open to you. You may choose any platform of your choice from among LearnDash, WordPress, or other custom LMS development platforms. 

The healthcare LMS we design for you is highly customizable and you can integrate the courses of your choice in it based on the requirements and needs of your medical institution, facility, or healthcare organization. 

We have a well-defined procedure for the development of LMS software. Based on the initial discussion for your requirements and expectations, we plan the project and development phase and set the project deadlines and strictly work around them to deliver the LMS software in the set time frame. 

We have a well-defined procedure for the development of LMS software. Based on the initial discussion for your requirements and expectations, we plan the project and development phase and set the project deadlines and strictly work around them to deliver the LMS software in the set time frame. 


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