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Valoya is a provider of the widest range of LED Grow Lights. Most agriculturists across the world trust Valoya to purchase their LED lights. The operations of the company depend on its digital platform which is a WordPress website. This website needed some modifications and functionalities addition to enhance its user experiences and improve customer engagement on the website. Zehntech performed these modifications for the client and revamped the website for a better look and feel.

Business Challenge

The client is in the business of supplying LED Grow Lights to the agriculturists across the world. The client manages its business through a functional website so that it can offer availability and accessibility to its customers spread across the world through a digital presence. However, in the course of its operations, the client realized that there were some problems with the website that needed modifications. The client wanted to revamp the look of its website by bringing up a new web page on it. Also, the existing web page was needed to be converted into an article page. Apart from the modifications, the client wanted to have additional features such as a filter function on the website to offer better user experiences to its customers. Although the client had all these ideas, it didn’t have the know-how required to carry out these ideas and bring them into action. This lack of knowledge and the subsequent inability to carry out the ideas were a business challenge for the client.


We started out by having discussions with the client to understand its idea behind the project. After getting the required understanding, we were set to implement the solution we had in mind. We used the WordPress Elementor Pro plugin to create the web page for the website. We also worked on converting the homepage into an article page and this converted page is now used in the form blogs on the website. We also developed the filter functionality in order to help the customers sort the products as per their requirements and find the product they want to buy quickly and easily.

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Our Role in Client Success

With the modifications and enhancements that we made to the website; the client has been able to carry on its operations better. The new web page has completely revamped the look and feel of the website and it is giving out great results. The filter functionality is also being loved by the customers since it has made purchasing the lights from the website much easier. With our work on the website, the client has backed amazing user responses and customer engagements by delivering great user experiences.

Our Client Says

Zehntech is an amazing company and I am glad that I chose them for my project. They have an amazing and talented team with great technological expertise and they perfectly know how to best apply this expertise. The company has helped me a long way with my business operations and I can confidently say that it will help bring growth to every business it associates with. I strongly recommend them.

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