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    Easing the Data Analytics Functions

    The increase in size of data and complexities in information retrieval in the digitalized world today has increased the need for resources to store and analyze that data, adding up to data management costs and giving poor user experiences.

    But Elasticsearch can solve all your problems. It is just the tool you need to enhance the quality of your data storage and analysis and improve user experiences.

    ELK Stack

    Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana are together called as ELK Stack. These are three open source software products used together with a family of log shippers called Beats. The ELK stack provides the ability to aggregate logs from different systems and applications, analyze the logs, and create visualizations and collecting them all together to create a Dashboard.


    Elasticsearch is an open-source, RESTful and schema-less document-oriented database designed to store, retrieve and manage structured or semi-structured data. Elasticsearch can perform queries on this data and return accurate results in a fraction of second.


    Logstash is an open-source, server-side data processing pipeline that sends data to one centralized location and helps in real time analysis of logs and events from different sources.


    Kibana is an open-source browser-based user interface used to search, analyze and visualize the data stored in Elasticsearch indices. Kibana performs advanced data analysis and visualizes your data in a variety of charts, tables, graphs, and maps.


    Beats are the lightweight data shippers that are installed in the form of agents on the servers to send the required data to Elasticsearch. Data can be sent directly to Elasticsearch or via Logstash.

    Elasticsearch Services

    You shall face no more data management problems with our services which help in managing huge amount of data and provide easy and fast access to retrieve information. The services provided by us are:

    Having trouble to select the right technical approach to manage data? We provide you a path for developing, implementing and improving search performance according to your requirements.


    Logging and Log Analysis

    Still using Linux Grep Tool to search for error in log files? Use Elasticsearch instead to analyze your log files using queries and altering them depending on your requirements.

    Fed-up of accessing information from the huge amount of data using navigation and categories? Switch to Full-Text search to provide relevance searching, search expressions, phrase matching, autocompleting text, etc.


    Data Visualization and Dashboards

    Facing difficulty in reading the data? Let’s visualize the data on the basis of timestamps, pattern identification, etc. and analyze it using stylish, interactive dashboards for quick and smart communication.

    Areas of Focus

    We offer our services following a proper process, taking care of all the areas of focus.

    Why Zehntech?​

    We help you seamlessly fulfil all your data management and data analytics requirements on a real-time basis with our vibrant solutions and services for the complete ELK Stack.

    Well Experienced Team of Experts

    We have an experienced team of experts who are dedicated to offering the best in class services in elasticsearch as per the customer requirements.

    Cost-Effective Timely Solutions

    We work out the solutions for you following a well-defined process so that you have your project completed and an effective solution in hand well within time and budget.

    High Performance with Real Time Operations

    We create the solutions incorporating within them every feature of elasticsearch making complete use of its distributed nature so that you can process large volumes of data within seconds on a real-time basis.

    All Time Support

    Our work does not end upon the delivery of the solution. We are here at all times to offer you complete support with your operations and help you with any queries you encounter with our solution.

    Want to Try Custom Elasticsearch Development Services?

    Whatever you are looking to achieve, we can help. Talk to us our team today via our interactive Project Planner

    Elasticsearch Development Services​ FAQs?

    Elasticsearch can be started using different command lines depending upon how you installed elasticsearch. If you want it to start automatically, you can download elasticsearch as a service.
    Elasticsearch service is a fully managed service offering built-in integration with ELK stack and real-time analytics capabilities so that you can effectively manage your data and convert it into useful insights.
    Elasticsearch is a free, open-source software. You can start with a free trial, but you shall have to pay for additional services and plugins.
    No, both these services are different. Elasticsearch service is a fully loaded service from Elastic and Amazon Elasticsearch Service is a hosted elasticsearch service on AWS. There are differences in offerings of both in terms of features, support, flexibility and deployment options.

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