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We have a team of experienced Application migration experts, who are happy to help you in to migrate from legacy application to new age solutions.

    Advancing and Reengineering Your Technologies and Systems

    Something that goes on for long periods of time becomes a legacy. Legacy Applications are just that, the systems that have formed the core of an organization. However, in this dynamic environment, where business requirements keep changing, and technologies become obsolete too fast, carrying on with these applications and systems can turn out to be a costly affair in the long run.Businesses today have their focus on cost cutting, productivity, and efficiency, and this focus puts upon a need to keep updating and upgrading. And this is where emerges the need for legacy application migration.

    Why Go For Legacy Application Migration?

    Legacy Application Migration takes your systems from an existing obsolete technology to a higher level of advanced technologies by re-engineering and re-building your systems. Such reengineering and migration can help you scale, increase productivity, improve security, and efficiently handle the business challenges faced with legacy applications.

    Business Challenges with Legacy Applications

    Zehntech’s Core Competencies

    Zehntech has a team of expert professionals experienced with legacy application migration. The team follows a step by step procedure going through processes such as analyzing, planning, development, testing, and deployment. Upon deployment support and maintenance is also provided to ensure that the migration is successful.

    Zehntech has the following range of services for legacy application migration :-

    Want to Migrate Legacy Application?

    Whatever you are looking to achieve, we can help. Talk to us our team today via our interactive Project Planner

    Legacy Application Migration FAQs?


    Legacy Migration is the process of upgrading the existing technologies and systems of the business, which are the backbone and core of the organization, to the newer, advanced technology for the purpose of coping up with the changing business environment and maintaining the competitive edge.

    An organization can achieve multiple benefits with legacy migration, some of which are:
    1. Increased productivity
    2. Improved security
    3. Cost reduction
    4. Enhanced flexibility and adaptability
    5. Constant upgradation to modern and latest technology

    It does not take very long to migrate your legacy application to another platform. With proper planning and assessment, you can have your application migrated in as less as three business days. The duration also depends on your specific requirements, needs, and expectations from the migration.

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