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    Establish Control and Increase Productivity Through WordPress

    As the business grows it is crucial that your e-commerce store give you the best possible tools and functionality to stay competitive along with creating an amazing user experience for your customers.
    To run a smooth eCommerce business Shopify is undoubtedly an effective platform but there are some pitfalls that can be overcome by WordPress. A perfect Shopify alternative, WordPress gives you full control and easier management with a support library of plugins. And now with the professional Shopify to WordPress migration services by Zehntech we will take the hassle away from organizations and open the doors of productivity with lesser complexities.

    Migrating From Shopify to WordPress Is it a Wise Decision?

    Shopify V/S WordPress


    For designing your website Shopify provides limited themes and thus makes it difficult to choose the perfect one for your niche. Whereas WordPress comes with thousands of design options along with multiple themes and zillions of plugins. This helps you to completely customize the look and feel of your site.


    There are SEO plugins and other options available in WordPress to make your website google friendly. You can improve the readability and other SEO aspects in WordPress in an easier manner. Even Shopify also comes with SEO integrations but again they are very basic and thus no extra options are available.


    If you wish to have only an online store you can go for Shopify but with WordPress, you can combine a regular informative website with a store all in one.


    If you choose WordPress as your online store, you will have complete control over your site. There are no limitations and thus you can customize the store as per your needs. Whereas Shopify limits the control you have on your site in some manner.

    Payment Gateway

    As compared to Shopify, WordPress provides easy payment giveaway integration. Based on the location you might need lesser-known payment solutions and to integrate them you must have a WordPress site.

    Unlimited product variations

    Having an eCommerce website, you need to add variations to your products. Now with WordPress, you can add unlimited variations to your product which is limited to 100 in the case of Shopify.

    Access to a Close-Knit Community

    In WordPress developers and users work together to improve the platform and thus have a community based on hundreds of volunteer contributors. Results in providing better products for users. Hence your problem which you enter in the community forum will be answered with multiple solutions.

    Introduce Your Business to Innovations by WordPress Aligned to Your Needs

    WordPress being the easiest go-to platform has an extensive library of free and paid plug-ins. Yes, it does! For anything and everything you wish to achieve from your website, there is a plugin provided by WordPress which can be customized as well. These help in optimizing your website to make the shopping experience easier. Plus, in order to make your website up to date, you can go through the latest everyday updated plugins as well.

    A difference most commonly seen between the two is that WordPress is an open platform, but Shopify is specially designed for selling products online. WordPress offers a different level of flexibility and allows you to add a shop to your site if you wish to do so. Even the layouts by WordPress can be customized whereas Shopify offers a basic layout and limited customization options. You can give a break to the assumptions that this will require a huge knowledge of codes. WordPress strives hard to provide the best ever platform and thus gives pre-made templates to the users.

    Exceptionally Built WordPress Functionalities



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    Shopify to WordPress Migration Services We Offer

    Shopify to WordPress Migration Consultation

    In our consultation service, we discuss with clients all their requirements and the way they want their WordPress site to outshine their competitors. Zehntech is here to guide you on how the migration to WordPress is going to support the business and bring smooth running of the business.

    Shopify to WordPress Migration

    We are an experienced WordPress migration service company and one of the most preferred. We strive to supersede client expectations with our flawless WordPress migration services. The migration will be free from data corruption and feature zero downtimes.

    Shopify to WordPress Data Migration

    Zehntech being a professional WordPress Migration service provider gives you an end-to-end data migration service. And thus, all your data like customer information, products, product descriptions, accounts, buying histories, SKUs, etc. will be transferred smoothly in minimal time.

    How Zehntech Migrate Your Shopify Site to WordPress


    Website Migration is a once in a lifetime kind of action and companies go for this only when it is very crucial for them. Hence the migration we plan is done with huge comprehensive planning, taking into consideration all the important aspects. To achieve a bug-free migration we prepare a checklist that involves:

    • Product category
    • Orders
    • Customer information
    • Discount
    • Coupon
    • Pages
    • Blogs
    • Shipping rates, etc.

    Website Backup

    Your existing website is completely backed up before migrating it to WordPress, since migration is a technical activity and it might lead to loss of data or sometimes even worse situations could occur therefore for any kind of migration, we prepare a backup data to avoid the pitfalls.  

    Install WordPress and WooCommerce

    For your online store, we will then install WordPress to use the WooCommerce plugin. To customize the look and feel of the eCommerce website we use the custom themes after completing the installation process. After this activation, we will start working on WordPress.

    Website Migration

    Migration will be done with proper demo and other preparations to ensure Cart 2 Cart action. And initially go ahead with the full migration to bring your new store into action within minimal time and amplify your experience.

    Start The Journey of Migrating your Shopify Store to a New Hosting

    While executing the migration process domain and hosting are the important parts. Hence to keep the domain the same as the previous one we transfer the domain to the new host.

    Removing Shopify

    After the migration is completed safely at the end we remove the Shopify store, and domain, uninstall the apps and eliminate the memberships, and other functions that are not required.

    List of Data to Be Migrated to WordPress?


    While we board on the journey to migration, we make sure to have your products migrated from Shopify to the WordPress store without mismatching the details or pictures.

    Product Categories

    We know the time and effort to classify and provide your products with the categories best suited to them and thus the migration won’t affect any section or misplace any categories.


    Images are a crucial part of a website hence while migrating to a better platform the fear of losing images will be overcome by our experts since we reinforce your Shopify store.

    CMS Pages

    Your CMS pages will be carefully relocated while moving from Shopify to WordPress alongside their URLs. This will ease dealing with the store from the backend. We likewise add explicit CMS functionalities when required.


    Clients are your assets generated by your work and this migration will include transferring them to your new store without any hassle or hurdle. All other necessary details of their projects will also be moved.

    Privacy/ Inventory Rules

    While migrating we will also move from Shopify to WordPress all your valuing and stock guidelines, for example, cost, returns, transactions, etc.

    Customer Billing

    Your customer-related each and every detail will be carefully transferred to the new store even with their billing details, addresses, and payment methods.

    SEO Settings

    Our experts have knowledge about the redirects as well, hence your site will be having 301 redirects for all URLs so that your customer or to be potential client won’t lose interest in your service.


    While moving the Shopify site to WordPress we will migrate all producer-related data, including their names, selling history, administrator boards, and records.


    Taxes due paid and other related details will also be transferred with the above data to ensure ease and undisturbed functionality.


    At the point when we move space from Shopify to WordPress, we likewise move all request-related data like dynamic, shut, and filed orders, installment strategies, and so on.


    While migrating to WordPress we will also move all coupon-related data, like markdown coupons, states of materialism and delivery, dynamic coupons, and so on.


    While moving Shopify to WordPress all item and site evaluations and audits are also migrated. This incorporates pictures, timestamps, commentator names, remarks, and so forth.


    We move Shopify space to WordPress along with all static content including web journals, the about us page, the landing page, blog arranging, improved media components, and so on.

    Reinforce Your Capabilities by Grabbing Zehtech's Migration Services

    To flourish and grow, to hatch and to become adaptive you need to move towards new and latest technologies. Migrating to WordPress is a flexible and fluid strategy to create new experiences that will unleash an easier, more productive platform. Zehntech WordPress migration service is a strategy to combine the symbiotic digital capabilities of WordPress with your site. We bring exceptional expertise and modernization through the platform to clients across the globe. Our services are tailored around the requirements of our clients and thus give us 99% Retention.



    There is no such risk associated with Shopify to WordPress migration by Zehntech. We ensure to take a backup of your complete details so as to avoid any future errors.

    We have a flexible charging system that totally depends on your requirements and is customized to your needs. Just have a consultation with our expert and we will provide you with a complete price distribution.

    Yes, you can, above we have provided a complete list of data that can be migrated along with our service of data migration. Also, there is no risk of losing any kind of data.
    Your URLs will have a 301 redirect on them so that your customer after clicking on it will land on the migrated page. Hence you won’t lose the client at any cost.

    Our team will stand by you during and after migration till the time as decided between both the parties. You will get quick and efficient support during this period from our experts.

    Give your Store an Instant Boost with Shopify to WordPress Migration

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